Hard Drive help needed, please...

OK, so I just added another SATA drive to my computer, and it shows up in POST, It shows up in Windows device manager, but NOT in My Computer. It was OEM so no software came with it. Does anyone out there know how I can access this drive, to A. format it, and B. use it?!?!

P.S. It’s time’s like these that make me feel real stupid…:bloated:

i dont know, but im sure krazyjon does :retard:

fdisk is ur friend
Then format

I was having problems with regular format.l… quick format worked best

cant quick format after using fdisk

no fdisk in XP?

Kev - I ignored your post. I don’t use fdisk

make a boot disk in xp then boot to it, then u can use fdisk to get ur drive ready

still didn’t have fdisk, but upon searching windows help for fdisk it led me to Computer Management which has allowed me to initialize and format the new drive…Thanks for all the help.

what brand drive?
usually the manufacturer has a pretty decent utilties disk you can make off their site

format it you noob. and say hi to your brother for me :slight_smile:

if you see it in disk management you should be able to format it to ntfs NOT fat tho…

just make a boot disk and format it if you cant do it in windows… if you need more help let me know…


I did format it Comp. Management (see my previous post) and it’s all good now… FWIW I did try a boot disk and that didn’t work either but it doesn’t matter anyway it works now…