HC - Effective Immediatly

No customers are allowed in the shop area, If you need to see us please stop in and see us by asking for us at the front desk.

Why the change you may ask???

  1. It is too hard to get work done with 100 people coming into the shop at their leisure when they have no place back there. I have a short attention span and when I have all kinds of people just walking back there to talk to me it takes me off of the job and I cannot afford that.

  2. I am sick and tired of hearing comments about why it takes a little longer than other places to get some stuff done. Come on people this isnt pepboys. You are not going to get custom work done faster than regular work, sorry that is reality, aint gonna happen any day of the week. If you are wondering why it takes a little longer see reason #1 and maybe this will keep you from coming in the back and taking me off of the job.

  3. Insurance does not like it, plain and simple you dont make your own tacos at Mighty Taco do you. There are to be 0 customers working on their car here. Again come on people this stuff doesnt fly with me.

I feel we have gone out of our way alot and i just cannot afford to keep letting this happen, we get taken advantage of alot and we need as a business to put it to a stop if we ever want to survive.

I ask you all to please understand this and respect the fact that we ask that you ask us for permission first before you take any additional liberties you would not normally take anywhere else.

Thank you for understanding and thank you all for the support, hopefully this will help us help you faster.

The big fat angry mechanic,


I love you.

everyone else,
listen to him… or refer to my signature.

:tup: to increasing efficiency and profits

“we get taken advantage of alot” is this free? can i work there part time or for free if this happens by the “big fat angry mechanic”…Pm me if you can make this happen

word, i run a bodyshop and it pisses me off when people come in the shop like they own it, they have no place being there. fine iF they need something out of their car or just checking progress thats kool once in a while, but just barging in is bullshit. it slow productivity and has an effect on everyones paycheck.

i hear ya pain, STICK BY YA GUNS!

thanks for understanding

:tdown: to freeloaders… Oh wait, that’s me… Nevermind… :wink:

:tup: you guys will be much more productive and thus profitable this way. Hey if I’m bored from my real job and I stop by, can I clean up the shop for you so I can stay :wink:

So what you are saying is I should bring some burgers over tomorrow, cook em and hang out and watch you guys work??

Good call. I’m surprised you didn’t do this sooner… :tup:

Does this apply to ALL non-employees? I just know it gets confusing when some non-employees seem to have free reign and some don’t… no offense to anyone, I just believe it makes your issue worse. I agree with the policy (seeing as my family owns several automotive businesses that pay more in insurance than you can imagine), but it will only work if you enforce it across the board. Just tryin to help out…

don’t blame ya, it sucks when your working on a project and have to sit there and stop working because people wanna just chit-chat.

You should have kept what you posted Tom… I agree with you.


No one likes to be watched while working.


nothing wrong with some productivity.

especially when you know your crack is sticking out…

i am never stopping in to see you guys again.

you can stop by :wink:

To all of my friends and customers;

I have been hearing alot of backlash from various sources as to what was said in regards to Hybrid. I would like to say this. As far as what was said in the first post here. I consider everyone here my friend and I am not telling people I dont want my friends here at all.

The whole point of my first post was to simply put out there that we need to be able to work. It is hard to work and concentrate on customer jobs when we have people coming in at every entrance.

This was not a post to vent anger or to tell people that I don’t want them here at all.

Plain and simple, you are all my friends and I appreciate you all as friends and customers. In order for Hybrid Connection to survive and succeed we need to be able to get our work done. I dont want you, my friend, angry at me because the car is in the shop and not out killing mAd HeddZ y000!!!. I just want to fix cars and make them fast and see the joy in people as they take their car.

It is soo hard to get work done during BUSINESS HOURS when people are walking in and out of my shop all day long. This does not mean that you are not welcome here it just means that during the hours that and we are working that no one is allowed in the shop area unless we grant permission to come back and see progress or whatever.

As far as working on your cars in the parking lot that is the same thing because eventually it takes one of us off of our job to help someone which then slows us up.

It hurts me greatly to hear that people are not understanding of this very simple fact and cannot respect us enough to see through the fact that it isnt that we dont want people to stop by, it is more that we need to concentrate on our jobs. This is our only source of income and I have bills to pay just like you.

I feel disrespected by the fact that people were making jokes about us needing to put food on the table, and especially people hassling my employees about something that is completely out of their control. He needs to provide for his wife too.

If anyone has a problem with this policy and cannot respect us or understand the true meaning as to why we put this up then I really dont know what to say to you. All I can suggest is that you talk to either Lee or myself for an explanation.

To all my friends and customers who have supported us in the past thank you for everything without you we would not be here:)


Hybrid Connection

Sorry if I made a few jokes, that’s just me. I totally respect that fact that you even made this thread, I understand how hard it is on either end. You want to chat and hangout, but you get nothing done. Seems to me like this is your request to make it easier to “discipline” yourself too.