Hello from Ray Crinzi Jewelers

Hey everyone! For those that don’t know me, my name is Mike Baker and I am a local Jeweler in Hamburg. I work under my grandfather Ray Crinzi who is a master jeweler. He learned to be a goldsmith at a young age from his father who was a jeweler in Italy. Previous to our location in Hamburg Ray was the owner of Crinzi and Gullo Jewelers in the Ellicott Square building. He operated that trade shop for about 50 years before retiring for a short period. Now we own a small shop in the village of Hamburg and are attempting to reach out to new customers. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Custom orders
  • Jewelry repair
  • Restorations
  • Unique engagement rings
  • Diamond sales
  • Scrap gold/silver purchasing

Our store is family owned and operated by my grandfather Ray, my mother Lynette and myself. We strive to make our customers feel at home when they walk into the shop. You will see very quickly that we are not salesmen and we do not push people to buy things they don’t want or need. We encourage people to stop in and look around the shop, pick things up, try things on, and not have to worry about someone hovering over you the entire time.

If you are in need of an engagement ring, repair, or anything of the sort we hope that you will contact us and let us go to work for you. We are located at 1 Buffalo St. in Hamburg, inside of the Staub Square. You can contact the shop at 716 312 0043 or visit our website at www.raycrinzijewelers.com

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All of the photos above were shot and edited by Ian Kley. He does great work and is easy to work with. I would highly recommend him for any of your photography needs.

Nice looking shop!

You sound like my buddy, who is 5th generation-owner at Scherer’s Jewelers in Snyder.

I’d much rather shop at a smaller local shop than the big box stores like Reeds. Best of luck!

It looks really nice in there! I have a bracelet I’ve been trying to have repaired for about 5 years, maybe this will motivate me to do something about it.

Mike, you’re my first stop when the time comes to pop the question, seriously.

Post up some pictures of your saw skills!

Been thinking about getting a diamond bezel made for my Breitling is that something you can do?

This may be perfect, my wife works about 100 feet from you and her rock has been loose for quite a while.

Do you do polishing and cleaning of watches (Rolex), I have a couple light scratches I want polished out.

Looks good! Welcome

Thanks everyone!

Where does she work? Tightening everything up shouldn’t be a problem.

Honestly we don’t really do much with watches other than battery and band changes. We use Bob Hoffman for most of our other watch needs and he seems to be able to do quite a bit. I’d be happy to see what he can do for you guys but we mainly stick to jewelry.

Relation to John crinzi?

hello fellow baker

Yes, John is my uncle. He worked as a stone setter with my grandpa for a long time. He’s retired now but still does some setting for us when we need him.


I will call you, maybe.

Welcome aboard. I will be coming around in 7-8 months for an anniversary gift.

So, do you make exhausts or wheels or stuff?

I really want to make one of your banners bling like a 16-year-old’s MySpace page


I’m not even opposed.

what is this?

It’s a surprisingly cheap sterling silver bracelet. It has different shades of purple, blue and green that taper along.

you guys have a website?

nm, i see it now.

Do you do wedding bands?

I may stop in with the wife to be sometime in the next few weeks.

edit, I see you are not open sundays, but do appointments…my wench is only free after 2 saturdays, and Sundays…