Hello from Ray Crinzi Jewelers


my wench, haha.

Pics and business look awesome Baker. If i’m back in NY and I ever need anything i’ll stop by.


Yeah we have a ton of bands available in almost any metal. We do custom bands all the time as well. I can definitely set up an appointment if you can’t make it during business hours. I live about two miles from the shop so it’s not a problem!

Thanks man!

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Just saw this. Sounds good!


Gonna stop in there shortly.


Thanks again to Baker and Ray Crinzi. Had my nyspeed watches ready for me this afternoon and didn’t even charge me to replace the battery in my solar powered EcoDrive. Thanks again. I will be back


No problem Andy, thanks for stopping in. Let me know if you need anything else.


Baker, Did you put a regular cell in that eco-drive?


Hey I met Ray Crinzi a few weeks ago, I knew his name sounded familiar. lol


I don’t think I needed to change the battery at all. If I remember correctly I just put it under the light for a few minutes and started running again. It had been stored in the dark without sunlight for a while.

Nice! Where did you meet him?


okay good, because those take capacitors, not batteries.


Lancaster Country Club. Nice man.


Is lancaster CC nice? I am moving right behind it and considering joining up.


Yeah, it is pretty nice. I would not call it one of he top clubs around but it is nice. Pretty easy track.


I had them Solder my wifes rings… and i cant speak highly enough of them. Baker even went out of his way to meet me so I could pick it up after they closed Saturday.
My brother in getting engaged soon I know where ill be sending him.


Thanks Mike!


Was in to do some window shopping today. Lynette (your mom?) and Ray were extremely helpful and patient with us. Very impressed with that ring building program. When the time comes to seal the deal I’ll be back


Great to hear! Yes, Lynette is my mom and Ray is my grandpa. It’s just us three there. Let me know if I can help you in the future!


Do you guys do ring resizing? My gf is looking to drop two rings off for resizing tomorrow


Yes sir, we do it right in the store. Have her swing by!


Thanks guys for donating the jewelry for my wife’s Hamburg Adult Day Care Anniversary dinner on November 6th. Hope its a Rolex and I can get my paws on it! We should be stopping by to get my wedding band adjusted and some other stuff!


I had them resize my fiance’s ring, turned out great. I plan on going to see them next year for her wedding band.