Hello from Ray Crinzi Jewelers


Can’t say enough things about Mike and the service he has given me (giggity). Highly recommend him.


Thanks guys!

No problem, Andy. I can’t promise a Rolex but it will be something nice!


I met Ray Crinzi tonight at a St.Josephs Day Table @ The Armory Restaurant. Was showing us his neat hand made ring that he was wearing,such a nice guy!


@Baker Big thank you for getting my wife’s ring done so quickly. Was in and out of there in a matter of hours. The solder job looks great. Also your grandfather is a funny guy. We had a little chat, and a lesson in ring making when we came back to pick the ring’s up.


I see you buy gold and silver. Do you ever wholesale any of it or just send to NTR?


Hey no problem! I am not surprised my grandfather gave you a lesson, he loves to teach. Let me know if you need anything else!

I usually just send it off but things have really slowed down with metal buying. Hopefully with the price of gold rising I will see some more action.


@ ubengineering