Hello. Where is everyone?

Havent been on here much lately.

Where did everyone go? WTF?

Basically some guys wanted to start shit instead of talk cars, and since we’re not interested in that, those members left. The rest of those guys who are still into cars are still browsing the forums in invisible mode but not posting.

And since some of the members who left have taken things super personal, including stooping to attacks to other members on other sites, in person and even going after their wives, things around here have been quiet.

It’s cool though. We’re still moving ahead with our Drag Race and other plans for the summer. :tup:


There where alot Haters on pittspeed.

Its the internet though its whatever?

I may or may not attend the race. Its the same day is the buschar shootout at norwalk. Nothing against that track you guys are going to but norwalk is top notch drag racing!

Yeah the internet is serious business, lol. Life goes on.

The track we’re going to is more like street racing and not really the best if you’re shooting to get your fastest ET. Norwalk definitely beats it!

I was wondering the same thing, looks like the merger went well. :ugh:

sw pa motorsports.com

Dead as a fucking doornail. I lost interest in stop-light racing when I was 16, so no need to BS with douchebags doing it two states away as adults, lulz. :bigtdown:

What happened?? this place used to get hundreds of users a day and was ranked with bigboards. I guess we all got old and aren’t as interested in cars as we used to be.

Gee i didnt do anything & some super dooper admin made my post not apear to anyone but me! Real mature Dragracer Admins & mods here on the NEW PITTSPEED!


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hahahaha THEY BLOCKed OUT SWPAM otorsports.com

close the space Joe & john & come jion!

http://www.s w p a m o t o r s p o r t s.com

http:// s w p a motorsports.com <---- no spaces

everyone left because they didnt get along with us and took over the board. Simple as that. I dont have a problem with anyone here, but if the forum was suppose to be seperate, then leave it at that. But they couldnt. Same way they are still posting here. Moderating pittspeed from the other subforum. Basically, this is nolonger pittspeed. Its nyspeed with a pitt subdivision. Makes no sense to me.

Oh well, we all moved on to bigger and better things. NOthing lasts forever. Another forum was started. A place where there is freedom. South Western PA Motorsports fans will enjoy. Look for it if you are looking for where everyone went

Figured that would happen. You dont own the members here. Who cares if they leave this site and go browse another? You gonna ban all websites too? Because I bet people visit more than one of those…not just this place

After the sellout everyone went to s w pa motorsports .com . put it all together

Oh man… I haven’t been here in a few months. This is corpselike. Should I turn the lights off on my way out?

Honestly though, the board was on life support before this happened. I wish these guys luck, and I’ll see you guys on Facebook.

I still maintain that a Geo Prizm is just as fast as a 2.0 Jetta.

Look me up if you need your Christmas party interrupted by vomit.

yeah this is weird

I’m still here.

Danhr do a burnout

Bummer to hear all what has happened; I joined PittSpeed.com in hopes to find more get together, track events and overall car talk, guess that won’t be happening much. I belong to a couple other forums but they’re world wide, was hoping for a more localized forum.


Most of PS has moved onto other ventures.