Our wolfpack just got bigger! - PITTspeed.com Merger!

I am pleased to announce… drum roll please! PITTspeed.com will be the latest addition to Onyx Syndicate’s network of forums. This coming weekend, Mike and Josh(Onyx Z32) will be merging the pittspeed database to their network of forums. Nothing extreme is changing. Most people won’t even notice a change. The forum look will be exactly the same as it is today. Actually if you give them suggestion they might make it look better! In most cases your username/password will stay exactly the same. In the rare case of a conflict you will be notified. The moderators and admin’s will still be in place. Basically it is business as normal.

The merger is a great thing for everyone. This merger allows members and advertisers to be part of a larger more active network. It gives you more people to peddle your goods to, argue with, race, share ideas, etc. It allows me to focus on planning cool events like the BRA.

I hope everyone is excited as I am about this transition. PITTspeed has been running for close to 8 years now and I think is a key piece to our extended future. So please welcome Josh(Onyx Z32) as one of your new admins and get ready to kick some NY ass at the BRA next summer!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

thanks for your continued support!



Thanks John!

Some of you guys have already signed up for NYSpeed in anticipation of the pittspeed vs. nyspeed event that we’re working on but you don’t need to! As John mentioned you’ll be able to use your current pittspeed username and password to login to any of the networked forums. PMs and everything will work cross-network too!

There will be some downtime this coming Saturday to Sunday while we work on this though.

Here is a post I made when we originally setup the network that explains things. Just imagine pittspeed as one of the forums:

The new network structure will allow cross-collaboration between forums. Take a look at the following image and I’ll explain it below.

(forums may not be exact)

So what does all this mean exactly? While the basic structure of your home site remains the same, some forums can now be seen on multiple sites.

For example, in the ‘Classifieds’ section your classic forums for selling locally remain. But if you have a set of wheels, tires or automotive parts you now have the option to place them for sale in a ‘Network-Wide’ section. This gives you a larger user base to sell your item!

We’ve also added ‘Network-Wide’ auto and OT sections. If you have general automotive questions that might be best served by asking the whole network, or if some automotive news effects everyone, post it here. In the same way, some OT news or sports threads for example might be a good fit for the Network OT section.

So I’m assuming Pittspeed was sold?

It’s about time, pull this forum out of the sewer.

i like

Honestly, I can’t say I’m crazy about it. I watched Internet Brands take over a previously private owned Honda-Tech and run it into the gutter and I’m afraid the same will happen to pittspeed. Nothing against Onyz32 but I thought we were doing a-ok over here, but maybe I’m wrong. I understand that whats done is done but at the same time we’re adding a new admin(s) on that don’t know our brand of comedy. Does that mean we inherit their rules as well? What happens when someone makes a run at 1320 mom, is he going to get banned now like with nyspeeds rules or not?

just my .02

will darkstar be allowed to flame noobs, without fear of being banned, on nyspeed as well?

if not, i am against this.

Interesting…I hope this works out. When I joined Pittspeed a few years ago it was busy and awesome. Tons of traffic and new posts, lots of helpful people, lots of great information. There was plenty of shit talking too, but it was all entertaining.

Hopefully the site gets back to the way it was back then!


I understand the concern. Realize that pittspeed and nyspeed don’t just get lumped together. Our off topic forums aren’t merging just some of the network based sections like classifieds. Our rules, admins, and moderators essentially stay the same.


I totally understand man so let me clear things up.

I’m not going to be coming here to moderate; no one new will. Pittspeed will be run by Whitey just the same as it always has. The rules won’t change at all really - we have restrictions on signature sizes, advertisement spam rules and an infraction system that will be inherited and slightly different from yours but nothing major. I really only care about ad spam and serious lawsuit-level drama between members. Other than that I’m just another car guy :slight_smile:

None of the moderators on the other sites have the ability to come over here and do anything other than read and post like a regular user. And Whitey won’t be able to go to one of the Canadian sites for example and mess around either. For the most part none of the NYSpeed guys will be coming on PittSpeed; everyone sticks to their local forum but has the ability to communicate to everyone on all the forums over the network-wide sections if they want.

The only place that I really step in is in the network-wide sections. These are the only places that tie all the forums together and the only real change. You’ll notice new names and personalities. We have a no cross-border flame rule (USA vs CAN for example) and moderate around this basic principle; does it bring the communities together or drive them apart? And if someone is a total ass in a network-wide section we simply pull their access to it and it disappears for them; we don’t ban you.

best keep it that way. we don’t play no games.

Dear Sir or Madame,

I do not have time at the moment to fully address your comments, but they WILL be addressed in a very comprehensive manner, in due time.

Until that time… fuck off, noob.


Darius K. Star Esq.
Pittspeed.com Legal Counsel
Eastern Time Zone Longdick Champion '00, '02, '09, '10.
President, Guffdawg Male Accompaniment Services, LLC
VP Media Relations/Chief Operating Officer, Shag-A-Bag Pharmaceuticals

lol, nice to meet you too

LOL. I think that you will be a pretty great addition to the network.

I was not going to create a username or introduce myself until after the merge, but oh well, that last post warranted it. My name is Mike and I handle all of the technical aspects of the network. I will be the guy that any of your issues or suggestions get forwarded to. You will find me posting in the network sections, but it will be rare that I am actually over on this board clicking through local posts. My short term plans here are to get this board merged into our network, and get some of the features that we have implemented on our network working with your board. From that point feedback is welcome and appreciated so we can see what all of you guys want.

As far as the Network is concerned, for those that are accepting and like the idea, you will have more to see and do on the boards on a daily basis. You will see an immediate increase in activity and posts. This activity is not a bubble due to the merge, but will be a constant stream of content from auto enthusiasts. This will also include a pick up on our other sites of the information you are all sharing. Everyone loves a good build thread or a achm drama laced call out thread between two local cities that will be having a drag competition! All of this extra shared content will undoubtedly have more people checking in more often. For those that don’t care and don’t want to see the network, you can just hide the extra forums and pretend we do not exist. You will be missing a lot though.

I am really excited to have pittspeed on board with our network. I have merged several boards, and none have had me as eager to progress than this one. I really think that the closeness of our two cities will make for some great camaraderie as well as some great sports drama in the OT areas.


The Sabres and Bills fucking suck. No drama. :wink:


TRUTH, lol.