Our wolfpack just got bigger! - PITTspeed.com Merger!


either make me a ham sammich or post pics of your girlfriend/wife/sister/boyfriend(it’s ok, I don’t judge)

and on an additional note:

am I allowed to dry hump members of nyspeed? kinda confused on that matter


I think that you’re getting ahead of yourself here. What makes you think that your “network” can handle Pittspeed.com, let alone myself. Would you leave your wife locked up in a sex toy shop with Mike Tyson, an intravenous Viagra drip, and a pile of PCP the size of a soccer ball? Didn’t think so. The violating your wife would experience wouldn’t hold a candle to the rape that Pittspeed.com throws down. Why? Because we’re crazy, and we don’t give a fuck. On the internet, on the track, Pittspeed is a veritable rape factory. Even our QB does some rapin from time to time. That’s just how we roll.

I was not going to create a username or introduce myself until after the merge, but oh well, that last post warranted it.

Well, I can’t speak for everyone else… but I am truly honored.

My name is Mike and I handle all of the technical aspects of the network.

I dub thee Mike the Nerd. Embrace it, for across Pittspeed land this shall be how you are known.

I will be the guy that any of your issues or suggestions get forwarded to.

My crotch itches.

You will find me posting in the network sections,

No, I won’t. Do you know why? Because I’m not “Mike the Nerd”. That’s you.

My short term plans here are to get this board merged into our network, and get some of the features that we have implemented on our network working with your board.

My short term plans are to scratch my itchy junk.

From that point feedback is welcome and appreciated so we can see what all of you guys want.

Duly noted.

As far as the Network is concerned, for those that are accepting and like the idea, you will have more to see and do on the boards on a daily basis. You will see an immediate increase in activity and posts. This activity is not a bubble due to the merge, but will be a constant stream of content from auto enthusiasts. This will also include a pick up on our other sites of the information you are all sharing.

Jesus man, you sound like a dad that’s remarrying trying to sell your kid on the idea that “it won’t be that bad to have a gay step-brother”.

Everyone loves a good build thread or a achm drama laced call out thread between two local cities

Bitch you ain’t no no shit bout no drama. One time, one of our fatter, balder members busted a dude’s windshield on national television. Why? He fucking felt like it. He’s rearranged a few grills with his feet too. And don’t break up with any girlfriends, or we’ll be running the train on them LIKE WHOA.

that will be having a drag competition!

That’s cool. We’ll just call the end round of the competition the SUPER BOWL to make sure that Buffalo cannot win.

For those that don’t care and don’t want to see the network, you can just hide the extra forums and pretend we do not exist.

Fuck that shit. BRING ON THE FRESH FISH!


Why would you want to see pics of his boyfriend, bro? Why you got to act like a faggot when there’s company over?

am I allowed to dry hump members of nyspeed? kinda confused on that matter

When the fuck was the last time you ASKED someone before you started dry humping them? That’s just bad manners.


who let motherfucking darkstar in here, don’t forget about the time the bald guy got his shirt ripped off and threatened to stomp someones rag top porsche in


I will end you…That is all


Motion to permaban Cheeks now that he is finally wider than he is tall.


Mrs. Knapp said she loves my love handles, I vote you tongue kiss my shit hole…


welcome to pittspeed the forum where we race our mouths more than our cars. Its all in good fun.


wait, do you even have a car? do you fucking race it? I’ve never seen it, STFU noob


you have seen it. At the get together you and asian dan were suppoed to bring a whole bunch of people to but you only had 3 cars. I came with 20?


wait, DON’T ever claim you know me, you don’t know me, you don’t know your car. :rofl:


quit living your life a 1/8th mile at a time and step over to the dark side of roll racing :slight_smile:


roll racing is for faggots in silver corvettes whose lifelong goal is to beat some hunk of shit 240


your just mad because I don’t stop by your office anymore for lunch time quickies


wow this forum got exciting all of a sudden.


wow… I hope the forum picks up in usefull posts and info.


As of post #35, that hasn’t happened yet. Post #36… nope, still not there. :smiley:


has anyone here seen pics of sk360’s sister?


It’s true. :crying:


I always have been, currently am, and always will be in undying perpetuity… faster than Whitey.