Our wolfpack just got bigger! - PITTspeed.com Merger!


holy shit I found a picture of one of the NYspeed Buffalo area meets!



I was reviewing some of nyspeed’s forum rules. We do not have to adhere to their rules, do we? I see some things conflicting there.


You may have missed my post in between the gay talk, lol.

But list what you’re concerned with here. Some of that stuff is outdated.


Hey Onyx, What’s happenning?

If there’s anything in there about making terroristic threats, lascivious comments regarding the promiscuity of poster’s mothers, or nude male bathtub pictures, I’m going to need you to strike that out for me.

If you just go ahead and take care of that for me, that’d be great!



Enforcing this rule will null a great pittspeed tradition. I foresee a lot of my posts being deleted, me being banned, and any post having anything to do with me being deleted with the original poster being banned.

I will not stand for this.


You’re absolutely right, you dirty cat eating slope. That guy Fry on they NY boards is acting like a total nigger.


Listen you slanty eyed zipperhead gook, if you continue to post in these malicious ways, I’ll be forced to cut off your angry inch of a penis and feed it to an animal other than cats/dogs being you eat all those in your area


WTF man, I’m black!!!

… j/k :slight_smile:

You can still drop N-Bombs PittSpeed, lol. Just not on the other network forums or in the network-wide forums.

Like I said before, PittSpeed will be moderated by Whitey just as it is now. Each different forum / community has it’s own tolerances. The only rules that cover all the forums are things concerning ads, defamation, etc.

NYSpeed has a good amount of black dudes, one who’s a good friend of mine and races sport bikes. So just keep in mind what sections you’re posting in though so we don’t have any riots :slight_smile:


So let the shithole continue!


That’s pretty prejudice. Just because I mentioned racism, doesn’t mean I wanted to make black jokes. You should ban yourself for being racist.

I just wanted to make sure that I can still refer to bgblockcamino as a jew bag and steelcitysix as a fat indian.


do we put in a collection for polio blankets for said indian?


Permaban Cheeks for being such a fat piece of shit. Did your penis finally turn into an innie from all that food you’ve been eating fatty?


did you finally stop shopping at the baby gap? Only reason I ask is, there was a huge hub bub about them changing their logo, I figured you were one of the dick touching hippies that was complaining


i always joked about whitey getting rich from this shit… now he sold pittspeed and bought a chevy motor with the profits…


This thread is the most activity this site has had in a while.

Site seems slower today. Any chance it’s the change?


Yep, I bet that the change that is coming up tomorrow is what is to blame for the slowness…

Anyhow, the activity is what we hope to bring back. I personally want to see this site thrive as it seems like a good group of guys, well minus that fggt darkstar,I guess he loves the cock.I actually got a call from Carl Paladino the other day telling me to be careful around that gaybro, something about surprise reacharounds.


well, i feel all the racists posts is what hurts this site. I was hoping the new ownership group was going to put a lid on it. Turning a blind eye towards racism/sterotypes is just sad.

if i was part of a minority group( which i’m not) why would i go to a meet? Why would i go to a meet to hang out with a bunch of racists period?

Its not my site so carry on as you see fit. I just wanted to make sure the new ownership group knows there are silent members here, who do not approve of that speech.


And there are people who actually contribute to the forums and come to gatherings who dont care. We all do it in fun if you take people seriously you have no sense of humor. If you would actually come out and meet these so called “racists” , you would actually talk with them and see that there pretty cool people who just like to joke around.




You mean all these years it hasn’t been serious? No fucking way.