Our wolfpack just got bigger! - PITTspeed.com Merger!



i hate whitey… i was being serious

and not just john white… i mean all round eye whiteys.


fuck you pacific islander, posing as true asian. cant even call you a slant eye gook.

suck me long time faggit :bj:


Shiit… Darkstar’s now the network post-leader… i gotta start hustling harder !!!

about half of the network is 240 guys :slight_smile: and Canadian ones at that… watch out!!!

I wouldn’t worry about this.

As a case in point, even though i was a member of NYspeed from day 1 i havent moderated a single thread despite being a partner in the forum. Moreover, i have no intent on moderating pittspeed… heck, i barely moderate the Canadian forums as it is unless something super fucky goes down.

Whitey is running the show here. The only place you need to check yourself a bit is in the network sections, and bear in mind that we keep others in check that would upset you as well… hence the politics forum. Go nuts in there…

Josh, Mike (TPGSR) and I are just a bunch of dudes who work full-time and do the forum thing on the side so don’t worry about us going all Internet Brands or VerticalScope / Autoguide on you. It ain’t that kind of party.


Do it do it do it !

We have full time jobs too, why are you slacking?


Dear sir/ma’am,

we here at Pittspeed are very sensitive to the feelings of others. In keeping with a safe, friendly environment, I suggest that you voice these concerns to our head of human resources, Darkstar.

Alternatively, feel free to review our policies here - Pittspeed policies

Thank you,


If you want rules post on facebook :rolleyes:

:tup:Be the first of your friends to recommend this.


so ya i clicked on your link jesse… Thanks im now blind


damn my post count is nothing compared to some of you dudes… i feel inferior


Not sure how I feel about this little acquisition. Seems like guys need ten “clubs” to feel like they belong instead of just one. :tdown:




o_0 You guys releasing a new album Jesse? Sweet.


I see it more as a takeover than a merger but not in the corporate takeover sense…but clearly you guys are WAAAAAAAYYYY more active than PS has been in the last year besides shaggy, Azn, and Darkstar. LOL

Maybe some site traffic will help PS be less gay.


Chevrolet motors in 240sx are the new hotness I hear…


let me change my user name. i don’t want anything to do with grand prixs anymore


What name do you want?



go with that one




Thanks a lot man! i appreciate it


What in the hell happened in the 3 days I didn’t log in?


According to some members some cool shit. According to some others, the world ended.

You are free to make your own call. This thread is a really good starting point.