Our wolfpack just got bigger! - PITTspeed.com Merger!




a bunch of gay shit basically


Shouldn’t you be stroking your beard, or making Myspace poses, or cleaning up dripping oil?

  1. Beard isn’t worth stroking yet.
  2. What the fuck is Myspace? Is this 2005?
  3. The oil stays.


Shit was introduced to fan?


how come we lost some threads in the merge ?


Nothing was lost as far as we’re aware. The problem is likely one of these two:

  • Threads / forums were moved somewhere
  • Search function has been down on PittSpeed and isn’t working fully yet


ya i think we did, i noticed it when i was searching for the Sons Of anarchy thread & it never came up.

& i even went and searched my posts with no such luck… my post goes from 07-the merger



It’s in the “locked” area noob


I see what happened… fixing now.


to bad that one is for 08-09 NOOB

u bumped the OLD one…but i see the theard i was lookin for now tho


un-bumped then, lol.



see when i search for my posts…it goes posts from 12-17-2007 - 11-1-2010


That’s prob an issue with the search index.


well fix it


well then y is mine & pewters post count wayyyyy down then


My post count seems correct, but my subscribed threads count is way down. Plus I cannot view my subscribed threads.


I will have to take a look at any issues. Please PM me with your problem so that I can focus on one at a time.


STFU you fucking n00b.

You fucking twat, grab a few tissues. Or better yet, maybe we can make a theme specific forum for cheeks. ILOVEBIGBLACKDICKINMYASS-Tech.com or IBEATANOREXIA-Tech.com come to mind.

What the fuck kind of question is this? Darkstar does what he do, and do what he does. No group of cock gobbling Yankees fans can change that.

I was Longdick champ in '01, '03-'08. And have plans to dominate in '11.

Hey Mike the Nerd, have you ever had your shit pushed in?

Agreed, and I raped your mothers esophagus earlier this morning.

I feel like this isn’t exactly news.

uggghhhhh. DSMtalk should have all the info you need on how to constuct a “D.I.Y.” cum funnel.

Hi Jeff. :slight_smile:

As it turns out, Cheeks is somehow higher on the pittspeed totem pole than yourself. Please feel free to STFU and take a seat, or I will give cheeks permission to lift up his pregnant belly and rape you with his micro cock.

Jesus titty-fucking Chirst, could you please shut the mother fuck up?


Lol, didn’t get the reference to your “cool pose” pics you’ve posted, eh? No loss, hell I can’t even find them now. What happenend to all the past posts?