Our wolfpack just got bigger! - PITTspeed.com Merger!


welcome back Kolar!


Hearing from all these people almost makes me want to fix the brakes and take the car out of the garage!


Hows the change going?

locking/ deleting any thread with numerous text.

yins all sheeps. continue on. call a crackhead for help


this thread sucks and so does this site


You don’t have to be here .


he has to come here… because there are only 3 people that post on his forum. and they only post every other week.


Isn’t that the wax guy ?


u also forgot to mention how I like to stalk people on other forums. One funny thing was the other day I was stalking u and found a thread where u said u had a friend with a ls7 blazer that runs 10.4. I couyld be wrong but i would have to say ur referring to a certian 2wd blazer from a certian shop that u now choose to talk shit on. O btw its 10.15 now and thats with 5 bad lifters. Its ashame u couldnt get ur l92 to make that much HP.



shut the fuck up and get off of these forums you inbred faggot.


lol last i recalled, the blazer is not your car… it’s jj’s? I did not realize i could not refer to john king as a friend? and I do not know if you noticed or not, but I do not talk shit about “the shop”, hell even to this day i still send people that way. I just talk shit about one person at the shop, and last i checked the name of the shop was “JJ’s Automotive,” not “Sam Sam’s Automotive” … even though I no longer come down there anymore, if any person from the shop came up to me @ the track and said hi, i would say hi back… of course minus this one dumbo-eared guy who can’t even install valve seals right on a customer’s car, that apparently has an asian fetish because he still keeps stalking me.

is there a reason why you stalk me? kinda of childish and disturbing… if you are going to stalk someone… at least stalk a hot chick or something?

p.s. the ls7 blazer only makes 10 rwhp than my ls3 camaro.


now dan that isnt nice, we always thought you were a hot asian chick. so youre saying your not a hot asian?


Called it.