HELP: 02 GMC Sonoma

4cyl. 2.2 Engine…Check engine light came on at 28k…runs fine…took it to cleveland no troubles. Got the code checked out and it says a malfunction of my Air Injection System. Anyone have a clue what that all entales? I have never heard of such a thing.


thats easy kyle, its cause its a gm :wink:

that code represents a few different things. when i rang up that code on my jimmy, it was some sort of air pump for emissions control.

yeah mine just threw a check engine light…wonder why it did that :wiggle:

I had a similar problem on my 99 S10 2.2. CEL came on around 38K, went off, on, then off again all within 1 or 2 days time…

I was told it was some kind of timer to bring it in for some emissions check or some BS.

Needless to say I did nothing about it, and didn’t have a single problem with the truck after that.

I’d try just deleting it and see if it pops up again first…