Help.... honda floor pan

i just pulled the carpet out of my sol, floor pan looks like it just has a good amount of surface rust but when i removed the driver seat everything got worse. The the holes in the floor pan where you bolt the seats down are rusted out and new holes are drilled right threw so you can see day light on the other side. the hardware used surely wasnt ment for a collision and im thinking about scrapping this shell if there isnt a fix for this.

Sheet metal. Weld in a new floor pan and you are all set.

what about seat mounts

maybe find a del sol shell in the junkyard or something and cut out the floor pans if they’re in good shape and then weld them in

i could use any civic’s floor pan. where could i go around here to get in welded in, seeing as i dont know effective welds to hold a floor pan in and dont have axcess to the materials?

whatever you do after this

i do mean whatever

get rustop done. schmidt’s on sheridan is one place, there are several more. do not let this happen to you again in a DD that you drive up north again

oh…the sorry sores of living in buffalo…:nono:
it’s gonna cost ya

I helped weld in a whole new floor and fire wall in a 72 cutlass, fun times. Good luck.

he didn’t let this happen to himself. he trusted a long standing board member who sold him this car and never mentioned the rotted floor pan and an extremely unsafe rigged up seat mount.

And I know what everyones going to say “its your responsibility to check it out before you buy” ect.

When it comes down to it though he really should have mentioned it in the ad or at least in person as it is a serious safety related problem that is going to require alot of effort to fix.

get a can of POR-15 and paint over the existing floor boards. Then get replacement floor pans or sheet metal and weld in new. paint them with POR-15. replace carpet.

if you cant do that, then you can drill out the spotwelds on the pieces for the seat mounts, take them off the floor, fix the floor with new sheetmetal or another floor, fix the seat mounts and weld them back on. Do you have a pic of how bad they are?

ok spring is right around the corner and i need this done, but with the rest of my build and school i wont have the time. where is a good place around here to get this work done ( having my floor pan cut out and a new one welded in)

Muscle Car Alley on 5960 Seneca St in Elma. 675-2400 I deal with them all the time. Tell Tom Jesse sent you.

is it tell tom that jesse sent him, or tell them tom jesse (you) sent him?

excellent place :tup:

allright thanks alot guys

Talk to Tom, tell him Jesse sent you.