Help with Sentra SpecV not starting

Looking for some help.
2004 Sentra SpecV with 95k
Drove it home fine and it sat for 2 weeks in the driveway. Started it up and let it run till it warmed up. Car sat about a month, started it up till warm and shut it off.
Car sat another month and now it won’t start.
Has gas and has a new battery. I can hear the fuel pump.
Some say it could be the crank sensor. $55 later and car still won’t start. I’d rather not spend another $55 on the cam sensor and it doesn’t start.

I pulled one plug at a time to look for a spark and no plugs sparked…thoughts on why it’s not getting a spark. Btw fuses look good

Man that starter sounded off, but really hard to tell over the internet.

Sorry I’m no help :expressionless:

No spark is usually a giveaway cam/crank sensor, but since crank is new you can pretty much check that off (also check if the tach is bouncing when turning the key). Usually a car will start with a bad cam sensor it just takes a long ass time. Any chance coil pack is bad? How did you check the plug? Pull one attached to the wire and ground it to look for spark (you can also do it with a screw driver)? For sure the pump is working? Hold open the valve on the fuel rail and have someone turn the key, it should spray all over the place. Starter sounded OK to me, that faint whine is just the car trying to start IMO doesn’t mean I’m right.

@02NismoSpecV - May have some ideas, Mike was pretty heavy into these.

Whereabouts do you live?

Ever get this sorted out???

Unfortunately no. I got slammed with work and right now it’s just sitting.