Hey everyone...

My buddy just bought an 01 Honda Accord EX 5speed. He wants to make it faster, but I honestly have no idea what can be done to his engine. It has the F23A1 SOHC engine. Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

make it breath better then tune it

the F23 doesn’t have the aftermarket support that the D, B, and H series Honda engines have, so your options are limited.

Like TwoForty said, get some quality bolt on intake and exhaust tracts and TUNE it properly. It’s not going to net you any huge gains…maybe 15hp at the wheels at most, but it will feel much stronger. If he doesn’t mind spending more, boost is always a viable option as well.



that will make it much faster and has a pretty good aftermarket support

h22 ftw

fuck h22

k24 out of a tsx:bigthumb:

well he is definately wanting boost. He’s felt my car and likes the feeling of a boosted engine haha. He probably isn’t going to do an engine swap. Mainly cuz he likes to piss me off and not do what I tell him hahaha.

Tell your friend if he plans on turboing the motor in that car right now, he might as well throw some money out the window.

An Accord cannot be fast without a motor swap! Period.


update. he went out to Hybrid Dynamics for their opinion. They said turbo’ing his current motor with a good tune will be good for mid 13’s. Then down the road he could do an engine swap. I think thats the way he’s leaning towards. So, anyone know of any place to get parts to peice together a kit.

Go back to hybrid and let them set him up :thumbup:

You guys are funny.

The F23 is a great flowing motor for a SOHC. There is a TON of aftermarket support.

I JUST sold my 1998 F23 Accord.

It was a bored block (no sleeves) just forged pistons - stock rods - stock head.

Ebay T3/T4 turbo.

Put down 315WHP and 345WTQ at 14psi @ Hybrid Dynamics

At 21PSI it was at 365WHP and 390WTQ.
So SOHC’s aren’t so bad w/o a swap. This was on a log manifold and AEM EMS.

Before the turbo I ran a 50 and 75 shot of nitrous on it for 2 years with out ANY problems! As a matter of fact I still have the ZEX kit for sale. $300 installed w/ a purge.


I did have the car turbo’d on 8 psi for a year on the STOCK motor putting down 220whp/240wtq. Rings gave out after I tried going to 10-12psi. 8psi is fine on stock internals though with a GOOD tune.

Research my friend. H22’s are one of the most expensive boost options for honda if you want to do it right. The H23/H22 hybrid is the way to go if your going boost on a budget.

I don’t care to research Hondas anymore, I had my fun with them and moved on. No one ever said making a car fast was cheap… My buddys turbo h22 accord made 630whp… I dont see the F23 turbo doing that…

I don’t think 600+whp was the target goal…where did he say that? I must have missed it.

Going turbo Honda = buying a good beater or good pair of walking shoes :slight_smile:

Ya he isn’t looking for 630whp lol. He’s looking for high 200’s low 300’s lol. He wants to maybe hit 12’s with drag radials.

Haha, the average DSM (while older) is far more reliable than the average turbo honda.

There are sick setups on both sides, but there are a lot of hacked up vehicles on both sides as well.

I would take a f22 over an h22 anyday of the week. That is an under est motor for sure.

slam a 60 trim on the bitch and go blow the tires off.