Hit and run...


if she was jay walking no… but I do believe all the intersections up until amherst have walk signs


Even if they don’t, if he was going around another car she had to be in the middle of the damn street in the dark before the light was even fully changed.


Where does it say she was returning from the metro? What difference does it make if she were?

Someone being in the street, whether they had a walk light or not is NEVER justification for hitting them with your car. There are so many reasons she could have been in the street, especially being in the company of a small child. It is your responsibility as a motorist to be aware of dangers in the road. I cannot believe the pathetic attempts to justify this kid killing this woman.

This just may be the most ignorant, disgusting thing I’ve ever seen posted on this site.


it says she was walking east from west, which means that she was walking away from the station.


She could have been walking from Aldi’s, not that it matters. The point is people are making a negative judgment on her because they believe she was using public transportation. I personally love public transportation and wish ours was more useful. I would take it more. Just because you or others have a negative view of the type of people that may use the service doesn’t mean you can defend the kid who ran her and her young child down in the middle of the street and continued off like it didn’t happen.


so either way if your crossing a road with a kid you usually wait till traffic stops to teach them a lesson. if your crossing with kids, usually your alert of what the fuck is going on around you so that you and your kids dont get hit, if the lady in her car heard the kid step on the gas, then how did the mother not hear it or see it coming if it was that far away.

i believe the kid should get a lot of jail time for driving drunk and leaving a scene of an accident and also all the bullshit with no license for driving drunk again. but i do believe that something here also had to be the mothers fault.


What evidence can anyone point to that shows any part of this was in any way the mothers fault?

If this happened on Main St. in Williamsville instead of Buffalo, I’ll bet a lot of people would be singing a different tune.




what evidence do you have that shows she didnt walk off the curb at a bad time.


The point is you don’t need any. She was in the road. He committed an intentional negligent act in hitting her. I’m simply pointing out the flaw in your defense of the kid.

I can walk out into the middle of NFB right now and stand there. Anyone that hit me with their car would be liable for any injuries to me. End of story. It doesn’t matter if I was contributory negligent in a case like this, putting myself in harms way.

edit: the only exception would be an extreme case defying the expectations of a reasonable person. i.e. me in all black, running down the opposite lane of traffic or darting out from a parked car. A person in the middle of the street is not so surprising as to be unforeseeable to a reasonable person.


i said fuck him and put him in jail! lol

i just think that its not entirely his fault this lady is now dead.

edit: yes he may have had a chance to stop, there may have been things you can do, but if your smart, you dont begin crossing the street with a child before your given a signal saying its good to go.


No, you can’t, assuming you don’t give the vehicle a reasonable time to stop. You especially can’t walk out from in front of another car, at night, under a yellow light, and assume you have the right of way.

The kid will probably get hit with the DWI, unlicensed and all the other moving violation but if it turns out the light wasn’t red and she stepped out in front of him at night, especially when she was in front of another car, it won’t be homicide.

I don’t care if she’s from Williamsville or Buffalo, or if she was walking to a brothel or a church. If it turns out she was in the middle of the street at night when the light hadn’t turned red yet (which would be several seconds before the walk signal), she is mostly at fault.


I suppose one can never be too careful when crossing the street with a child in tow, but I refuse to see how getting run down by a vehicle (especially in the city) would be her fault in any way.

If this had happened out on some desolate country road, my opinion may be different. If this had happened on a busy highway, my opinion may be different. This happened on a well-lit city street. From the facts on hand we know he frequented the road as he was caught drinking at the Steer before. We have to assume he knew of the risk to pedestrians. He must have known of the metro station. He decided to intentionally act in a reckless manner. I don’t see it any other way.

I can imagine it going down like this:
Victim sees the traffic light turning yellow. Car nearest her in the right lane is coming to a stop. She begins crossing. The light may be red or still yellow, it does not matter. The killer may have been in the right lane, saw the light turning and the car ahead of him slowing, moved to the left lane to catch the light and she stepped out from in front of the car in the right lane. He hits her while she is in the middle of the street because he was going too fast, was probably drunk, trying to make a stupid red light.

But, its her fault…


and probably 5 more kids in the works, still the kid is a scumbag and i hope he rots in jail.


I admit my hypothetical has a lot of room for complexity, but in the case at hand what would be a reasonable time to stop if you’re driving a vehicle at the posted 30mph limit approaching a yellow light? and a crosswalk?


So even if it’s her fault for stepping in front of him driving… is he NOT still responsible for DWI; Driving without Insurance, Driving without a license, and hit and run (leaving the scene of an accident)!!!


so if your in the city and you see a pickup truck, which you cant miss, step on the gas and is coming your way at 45 50 mph your going to keep walking? its the city, they have walk signals for a reason. your not suppose to walk until it says its safe to walk. if cars are still coming toward you, you shouldnt cross, especially with a kid, i don’t care who you are. your putting a kids life in danger the minute you step on the street without having all the cars stopped coming your way.


i think i said fuck him or let the gays in jail fuck him


You cannot expect a person to be aware of that kind of danger while crossing a street. Sounds of engines are common in that area and even a loud one would not provide sufficient warning. It’s also very difficult to judge the speed of an oncoming vehicle. Not to mention, as a pedestrian you would expect an approaching vehicle to stop for you while you were in a crosswalk.

Do you really expect a person to wait until all oncoming vehicles arrive at the crosswalk and stop before proceeding with your crossing?


He’s at fault for all of those, and will almost certainly be convicted of them. I hope he gets the max for them because repeat DWI/unlicensed driver offenders need to be off the road for good.

Vehicular manslaughter, I seriously doubt it. Not unless they have a red light camera picture to contradict the witness who said the light was changing.

Think about it. How many times have you gone through a yellow and watched the car next to you stop? Probably said to yourself, “Why are you stopping for a yellow”. You’re not looking for someone to step out from in front of that other car because the light isn’t red yet. Take away the rich vs poor stuff that has made this so political, and the DWI stuff that has made him a social pariah, and this could have been any one of us.