Hit and run...


I feel so bad for her kids…and she was a single mother.

“A fund to assist Knowlton’s sons has been established at M&T Bank under the name of Jennifer Knowlton, the deceased’s older sister.”

I plan to make a donation. Anybody else want to do it with me?


^ The family called Celino and Barnes already. According to the Buffalo News they immediately sent a cab over to pickup someone from the family. I have a feeling the kids are going to be well taken care of, even after the lawyers get their cut. One of those rare times you feel good about lawyers suing the hell out of someone.


unlikely before Christmas. It’s apparent they were struggling. I’ll do clothes and cash.


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I really am sorry for the kids, but:

Knowlton’s goal was to one day go back to school and get a general equivalency diploma. She had quit high school when she was pregnant with her older son, Isiah, because she was worried students would taunt her.

She should not be able to have children. She doesn’t even have a GED WTF!!! How is she going to feed and give her children a decent life!


Those kids were gonna have a shitty life either way. Dropout with 3 kids at 23 and she was crashing at her sister’s place? FAIL


Im not bringing up the race card or anything but you thought she was black didnt you??? I only say this because you mentioned that your not a racist or anything in another post.


I make a joke of everything. I bring race into it, because stereotypes are ridiculous.

The entire area is black, especially by that station. its really a 10 to 1 ratio. 10 black to 1 white. It really is a safe assumption.

How is the CTS-V hate coming?


thats not true. there is shit load of college kids in that area, from minnesota up is like college area. all types of races

No hate for the new 556 HP CTS-V but Im a ford guy and a stang is in my budget. When you getting a cts-v?


“Knowlton, according to Bass, took a job at the Colonie Lounge on Hertel Avenue because the late hours allowed her to be at home during the day with Isiah and her infant, Sammy. Her job there, he said, was as waitress.”

Topless bar :tif:


I live in that area… walking back and forth across main street to the subway station is primarily african american.

Yes I know there are many college kids on minnesota. (I have friends on minnesota) they all have cars and have no purpose of walking across the street to the subway station.

Other than for thursday in the square, or some other event Downtown (IE sabres game)

Any other questions?


God that’s even better for her… The colonie is such a piece of shit too.

this is easily the best thing to ever happen for her children… She gets blasted by a car. The kids grow up motherless but actually have a shot in life. (IE money for college, and a new home)


Nope, Im good. Thanks for all the answers.

No matter what the kids need there mother. Hopefully the fathers will step like they said and take care of the kids. The money should def help their future. Just hope the money is used for that and not wasted


WTF She went to grover, a school with a daycare inside of it, and dropped out because students would mock her? bullshit when 1/3rd of the females already have kids


Kathy Paradowski, owner of the Colonie, said that Knowlton had worked there for about two years and that she was a reliable employee who was devoted to her children.

She ran part of the Shredd and Ragan Cruise nights when it was at the Summt Mall.

The victim seems like she was trying to excel through life, but working at the Colonie Lounge isn’t going to get you far in life.

Tulumello, according to police, was driving north on Main, swerved around a car stopping for a traffic light at LaSalle and struck Knowlton and her son.

He was not charged with passing a red light; Buffalo police are continuing to investigate the accident, including who had the right of way.

If he blew through a red light and hit her, then how could any of you think that it was her fault and she was jumping the light?

I love how his lawyer said he had no history, but he seems like he’s a pretty troublesome alcoholic.

The kids will be taken care of after the law suit settles. But it’s going to be an ugly case since both sides have top local lawyers. But he has a lot of strikes against him.

I’m going to assume the sister takes the kids? Hopefully they don’t get dumped into the system.


How did a woman who was walking her child accross the street and was struck by a drunk driver speeding around stopping cars become her fault?

While I dissagree with the decisions she has made in her life that by no means justifies her death.


the other story says that the light was changing and he was trying to beat the light. Not just flat out blow a red light.


If she was crossing illegally? I doubt she had a WALK sign if the light wasn’t even changed yet.


teehee your sig seems to think otherwise…


Do they even have walk signs where she was crossing?