Hit and run...



its one of the rehabilitation methods. they feel education will stop violence or something. There are quite a few people at Auburn, that take classes through cornell. Law is one of the biggest hits.


I know that, and they are great rehabilitation methods if they can actually get inmates to participate and take the classes. They definitely do not offer medical diplomas though!


hmm… thats a shame… they should at least teach self aid buddy care… so when a riot breaks out we can have triage inmates :frowning:

I’ll get a listing of degrees offer from my roommate


I was going to post this… shitty :frowning:


anybody have his facebook copied. i cant see it.


If you don’t kill anyone, the penalty for DWI is a lot worse than the penalty for leaving the scene. Another wonderful unintended consequence of our justice system.


What a piece of shit, can’t believe his lawyer basically said shit happens and complained about the bail being too high.


they should hang him! Im not going to even go into details, but I doubt its his fault


I actually agree with ILC


this whole thing is super fucked. i got a call from my g/f who was tending bar at broadway joes last nite that she just saw some lady and her kid get hit by a truck right in front of the bar. she said there was no tire screetching as if the guy didnt even use his brakes just plowed into them and kept going…wtf… im glad they cought this asshole.


Wow, what a shit storm this is.

I hope the kids come out OK from all this.


I hope you’re not insinuating that a specific racial group of people never pay attention to pedestrian traffic devices. Besides, the victim was white.

The witness that the news interviewed said that the vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed ("~70mph+"). I also heard that there were no tire marks from braking. I’m pretty sure it’s his fault. Besides the point, if he was at all intoxicated that constitutes negligently operating a vehicle and immediately opens his up to liability for hitting that woman. I hope he goes away for a very long time.
He is being represented by Joel Daniels, a very high priced defense attorney so I’m not interested in hearing any whining about his bail.


From WKBW:

The truck took off. Amherst police found a vehicle matching that description at a gas station near Millersport Highway later in the evening after receiving a tip call. Today, 21 year old Christopher Tulamello was arraigned in city court. He faces a laundry list of charges, including vehicular manslaughter, vehicular assault, driving while intoxicated, and driving without a license. His attorney saying he faced a driving while impaired charge last year.

“Outside of that his record is spotless. He works. He is a lifelong resident of this community. He went to Williamsville North and he turned himself in about an hour after that. This is not a case of where he ran away and he was MIA for a while,” said attorney Joel Daniels.


How do these two statements mesh? How can he have turned himself in if the police got him on a tip later that night?

edit: It’s also pretty clear to me that leaving the scene of a fatal accident and not being found for an hour is exactly the definition of “he ran away and was MIA for a while.”


“Police believe the 23 year old mother of 2 was pregnant with her 3rd child.”

4DOORBABE, are you OK?




Spotless record??


"On Jan. 20, Tulumello crashed into a tree after drinking vodka and Red Bull energy drinks at the Steer, a University Heights restaurant not far from the University at Buffalo South Campus and the intersection where Wednesday’s fatal accident occurred.

In that case, University police arrested Tulumello at 3 a.m. after he struck the tree in a parking lot at Main Street and Bailey Avenue. He refused a breath test after that accident.

During his Buffalo City Court case, he admitted drinking at the restaurant even though he was supposed to be a designated driver for his companions. But he said he was “too bombed to drive anyone else home,” so he left without them, according to court records. He paid a $300 fine after his Feb. 28 conviction for driving while his ability was impaired. "

What a fuck up…


He’s a lawyer, he’s doing what he is paid to do. Making the guy look like a saint is part of it.



He can’t say in court under oath but he can say what he wants in front of the cameras, and potential jurors.


I was more referring to the trash that populates the area. I doubt 70+ you just can’t go 70+ in that area at that time. I could see 45-50.

I’m sure there were no marks, cause he probably didn’t see her at all. I hope he goes away too for a while, drinking and driving is bullshit.

But I STILL DOUBT ITS HIS FAULT THAT HE HIT HER. People constantly just DART across the road.