How Do You Fight Motion Sickness?


I thought there was a thread about this already but I guess not. Anyone have any tips?

As I get older, I find I’m a terrible passenger in a car… I almost always get motion sickness. I remember distinctly when this started; it was one day riding in the passenger seat at Toronto Motorsports Park while @MPD47 was driving. Ever since then I suck and riding shotgun.

I was riding with @Bing recently and he was doing nothing but driving straight… started to want to puke.

Interestingly I don’t get sea sick and can be on a boat all day with no problems :man_shrugging:

I haven’t tried the pills yet.

I really want to get these glasses to see if they work:

Made by Citroen, you’re supposed to wear them for 5-10min and they solve the problem.

Land Rover is actually now adding a feature to their vehicles to combat it too:

Jaguar Land Rover’s ‘wellness score’ calculates how susceptible individual drivers and passengers are to feeling car sick, using biometric sensors that record physiological signals. Combining this with motion and dynamics data, the vehicle will reliably know when a passenger or driver is becoming motion sick – before they do.


Make the tea cups at fantasy island your favorite ride…:joy:


I used to ride coasters and rides like that all the time! Can’t do it anymore.


So far I only get it as a backseat passenger, but I’m sure in time the front will happen too lol dramamine worked tho a couple times when i was on a boat