How to Boost Your Honda (or any car really)

What you need to boost your d series (really any engine)

there are pleanty of write ups out there, but most of you are too lazy to search… so here is

one more to make it easier on you lazy bastards.

list of poop you need.

turbo (i like dsm turbos, they are cheap and everywhere)
downpipe (2 flanges and some 2.5-3")
oil lines
water lines (optional)
charge pipe
intercooler (optional)
a blow off valve
some larger injectors (dsm 450’s work nicely)
a resistor or some rat shack 10W 10 Ohm resistors
a chipped ecu (if your obd1) or you can run a hack if you obd2, but i suggest converting to obd1
a boost gauge
get a roll of vacuum hose and a small box of t fittings

thats really all you need here are some pics and descriptions of what your looking at.

now i am going to make this real easy on you

the manifold is marked with the BLUE square
the turbo is marked with the GREEN square
the charge piping is marked with the RED square
you can see the oil feed and just to the left of the GREEN square
(i dont have water lines)
AH, i almost forgot that you need to tap that ass, i mean oil pan
the stealthmode kit comes with the shit for that. if your true homemadeturbo style you will JB Weld it, if your not as getto you will braze the fitting to your oil pan.

make sure you keep the fitting above the oil level in the pan, and that oil drain does not make a J or have a dip in it.
the O2 housing and down pipe re marked with the YELLOW square
the blow off valve has that ghey TEAL color. i have this mounted directly to the intercooler, but you can put it anywhere on the charge pipe.
the intercooler is marked with ORANGE. which by the way is what i like to call the FMSMIC (frount mounted side mount intercooler) :slight_smile:
in PURPLE, you can see the rat shack resistors wired in line with the dsm injectors. the dsm injectors are a little larger than the stock honda ones. so you will need to enlarge the opening on the rubber gromits a little bit.
the GREEN circle (sorry, ran outta colors) shows were to use the T fitings to pull vacuum from

for your boost gauge and BOV.

as for running the dsm injectors, i suggest having your ecu chipped (hey, i do that) and running

uberdata or crome. you can run up to 11psi on the stock map sensor.

now, the ugly part… how much does all this cost?
the manifold
BmC racing has logs for 160

flanges for your down pipe can be picked up at RRE for about 10 bucks each

oil lines and the feed adaptor for the back of the block can be picked up as a kit for 75 dollars from

you can get intercoolers off ebay pretty cheap. the one in the pic is a 2nd gen DSM SMIC that i paid 40 dollars for, or you can get something like this from for about 220 shipped

for the bov, there are lots of companies making knock offs now and selling them on ebay. im a cheap ass, and i say get one of those. they range from 50-130 ish… or you can pick up a 1st gen DSM for 30-40.

the resistors should cost about 8 bucks, and you can get the dsm injectors for around 50-60 beans. i suggest dsmtrader or for the injectors

now for the turbo… if your like me, you never pay full price for anything, and almost never buy new :slight_smile:
again dsmtrader and will get you a decent turbo for 100-200 dollars. or you can stop by your local scrapyard and see what they have laying around.

T’s and hose shouldnt cost more than 10 beans at your local auto parts store.

tubing for the charge pipe can be picked up at a local store, or RRE, or EBAY… whatever. it shouldnt cost you more than 120 dollars

i think all that leaves is the gauges, ebay or your favorite tuner shop/online store. an autometer should cost about 50 dollars.

ok, lets do some math
160 + 20 + 75 + 40 + 50 + 8 + 50 + 150 + 10 + 120 + 50 = 733

not bad… oh and then the price for me to chip your ecu :slight_smile:

just curious, would you be able to chip a nissan ecu, from a KA24DE to a KA24DE-T?

P.S. seems like kinda an old post sorry.