I didn't think this shit actually happened

I own a house in Orange County, California. I went abroad for 20 days. When I got home at the end of that trip, I found my locks had been changed and someone else’s car was in my driveway.

I called the police. That led to an argument with the people (at least 2 adults) occupying my house. They told the police they’d been there for 6 weeks. I explained I knew that to be untrue because I was only gone for 20 days. At the end, the officers said it’s a civil matter and left.

So basically, these people have been in my house for no more than 20 days, but they claim to have been there for long enough to be tenants. Do I need to treat them as tenants?

California lol.

I’d say you push them out the door with the barrel of a gun but again…California, lol.

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Yeah I’m suspicious. I know CA has squatter loopholes but so do other states. I could think of 10 different ways to prove to the police they were lying.

Professional squatters area a real thing though. Someone I know here in Buffalo got burned by a lady. When he called the police to report her, they responded with “oh we know who she is, but she knows the law and you’re stuck. We were wondering when she’d turn up again.”

I would think that you would have tax and mortgage records to prove you own the home. As well as mail delivery. IDK I feel like anger would take over and I’d physically throw someone out of my house.


man fuck that shit, I’m glad I never bought a house in California.

Just confirmed with realtor buddy who works in the bay (lives outside of it though). He says this shit is in fact a reality.

Moral of the story is get a house sitter in CA.

Moral of the story is don’t live in CA.

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Dead men tell no tales.

Curious what would happen if you got a shotgun, walked in the house and told them to leave and stop trespassing or they will be shot. If you own the property and never signed any documents for them to stay and you have proof you’ve only been gone for 20 days and don’t know these people… isn’t this like someone breaking in and entering your home? I’d be livid.

In CA you’d likely end up arrested. Their squatter’s rights laws are the worst in the country.

One more reason to never live in California.