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Ok, so this one is a little weird. I ordered a spare tire carrier for my boat trailer on Amazon for $30.44 after tax. A few days later the company sends me a snail mail postcard and says they’ll give me a $50 Amazon gift card if I give them a 5 star review, and an extra $10 if it’s a picture or video review. All I have to do is email them at this random gmail address with a screenshot of my review once it’s published and my order number.

So the risk seemed pretty trivial. Sure, they’d have my email address but who cares. I already get tons of spam so what’s a little more if that’s their scam angle? The tire carrier is nice, would have given it 5 star anyway, so I snapped a couple pictures and posted my review. Amazon approves it the next day and I sent off the email Friday night. Sunday I get an email back with two $30 gift card codes and holy fuck they actually worked and loaded $60 onto my Amazon gift card balance.

EDIT: And yes, I know this is 100% against Amazon’s terms for their reviews and the company can get in trouble. Don’t care, got $60. :slight_smile:


I bet I’ve watched at least 20 of this guy’s videos now. Definitely earned a sub because I learn something and I’m entertained every time. I’m also ordering the “It’s never a war crime the first time” t-shirt. :joy:

Another one of my favorites:


Thank you for turning me on to this channel, will be binging.

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I knew they were good when I’d be watching one while my wife was reading her Kindle at the kitchen island and I’d hear her laugh because she was getting into the video. Dude has such good delivery.

Learned a ton of stuff I didn’t know about the Korean War on this one. Also, the line, “The Marines had just communicated with just their eyes that they were going to have to kill this guy and dispose of the body” was great storytelling.

I’ve been asked to do this for at least a couple dozen products and never have. I’m going to start

I can’t forget to post this gem…

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The company contacted me again and put me in their product tester group. It’s a private facebook group where every week or so they post a few new products. If you see something you want to try you send them a PM and they pre-pay you (via paypal) and then you order it from Amazon. Pretty much the same thing, provide your order number and a screenshot of your review. This time though they did say they just wanted honest reviews.


I tested that sand anchor when we went out on the boat last night. Took a couple pictures and submitted a review that Amazon should approve today or tomorrow, at which point I’ll close out my test by sending them a screenshot of the live review. Funniest part was when they sent me the money it was still $49.99 and they sent me $50.43 for some reason (maybe miscalculated my sales tax?). But by the time I ordered it the price had dropped to $39.99 so even after tax I ended up with the anchor for free plus $7.

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They should have waited for their parents to buy them the supercharged cobalts.


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I just got quote for some shit at work and I can’t believe the price diff from two years ago, but 700 million in nets, I’m too lazy to verify the source but if true jesus christ

I bet the biggest chunk is labor.

I have a plant going in San Jose and the customer is a year behind.

Such a pain to get anything done anywhere near that town.





Damn, and the crowd goes wild

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me every day

This is where we need to go back to!