i got owned...

Someone in my complex must really hate me. Here I am, stumbling home drunk from the steelers game…stopped at sheetz on the way home for some food. Im really excited to get home and eat cause I havent eaten anything today…unlock the door and grab the handle and feel something squishy. So then I smell this rank ass stench. Get in the house, and all I smell is dog poop. Mind you, I do NOT have a dog. Turn on the light, to find dog poop all over my hand, all on my carpet bc it was on my shoe. I dont know what the hell I did to piss off anyone, but my ass got fucking owned this evening. Im glad Im drunk because Im finding this pretty fucking hysterical, tho now I have to go clean it up and Im already gagging

so you just typed all that with dog shit on your hand…that sucks.

Purel > Dog Poo Hand

no, but its still on the handle and all over my fucking carpet. im gonna kill someone…like for real. funny nonetheless



you drove to sheetz drunk? well you pretty much deserve it

no i didnt drive to sheetz drunk. i was at the steeler game, and had a dd. i was the backseat driver.

awesome!!! :slight_smile:

well then yes it was a shitty situation and it shouldn’t have happened to you, but i guess shit does happen

sorry I couldn’t resist, seriously though that isn’t cool whoever did that :frowning:

kinda a shitty situation…pun intended or not…man, this stinks! LOL
so going to bed. i think i left the door unlocked…hope theres no shit in my bed.

Well I found your culprit… One slow shelby sent me this here picture


that’s great:rofl:

lol :owned:

damn that sucks esp after steelies whoopin arse, i’d be hammered too if i was there…wait…i AM hammered, and i wasn’t there :frowning:

sorry bout the dog shit on your hand, hope you washed before you passed out…

thats a shitty way to end ur day!

you called the shit poop!!! :rofl:


:bowrofl: :bowrofl: :bowrofl:


Its even funnier reading it today. I was very careful stepping out of my house this morning. I checked the door handle before I pulled it shut. I’ve learned a life long lesson. If you smell poo, DON’T OPEN THAT DOOR! It’s kinda like if you see smoke pouring under the door, and the door handle is hot, dont open it! Stop drop and roll bitches!

:rofl: forgot i uploaded that, you seriously browsed thru all the pics just to get that one?