I Have Had Enough

Seriously I’m really getting pissed at all the locked threads. Especially locked Members Only threads. I can understand why the public threads should be moderated. But there is no reason to see the locking option in members only.

And it seems like anything will get locked now. You tell somebody you don’t like there taste in music and the thread is locked.

I thought this was a 240 Forum. Not some NAZI concentration camp.

My $0.02



the only threads I see in members only that are locked are reposts, a thread about how to pronounce son which went nowhere, the alan-240 thread that got MOVED to the members section instead of being locked (although it did need to be locked after another few pages), greg’s self locked birthday thread …

Which threads are you referring to?

We usually lock the reposts, or if a thread sucks and ppl want it locked.

Like this one.


psych :stuck_out_tongue:

All the locked threads eh?
9/50 threads on 1st page in members are locked. One dubiously titled " kskskskjff?"

6/50 theads on 1st page in media are locked. Three being reposts, two being flamefests, and one being a potential flamefest that was avoided by lock.

I’d appreciate it if you thoroughly explained how this forum is a NAZI concerntration camp.

So what if its a flame fest. I shouldnt have to see the little locking icon in these threads. Maybe you guys don’t feel as I do. But I feel like every other good thread get’s locked.
The stupid repost’s don’t need to get locked cause nobody cares. Except maybe somebody who never saw it before. If something was posted 2 years ago so what if somebody posts it again. So a guy gets flamed. Ive been flamed before everybody has for doing something stupid. You guys will prolly flame here. And then lock cause it is out of hand. Which is what I’m tired of.

Well now it looks as if I’m rambling. And I don’t if this makes sense to anybody else. Just saying see locked threads angers me.

the problem is I try and go through every single post.
so posts that turn into people posting steaming pile of crap after steaming pile of crap wastes my time and everyone elses. If there is something meaningful happening I won’t lock it but when the thread has no value anymore … the ability to lock is there for a reason.

resposts get locked for the same reason, I don’t want to hear the same comments from different people a month later.

I’m still waiting for a link to a good thread that has been locked …


Don’t you remeber like a year and a half ago where son was just chaos and garbage? The current modding ways are stricter but they will avoid that event happening again.

Flame fests are not tolerated here, they are usually pointless and only get bigger creating more drama within the club. Something we could do without.

Why shouldn’t you have to see all these little locking icons in the threads?
Clearly your opinion of a good thread and the majority’s opinion of a good thread differs.

Stupid reposts do deserve to get locked and deleted, because they are STUPID reposts.

What empted you to start this thread? Did someone lock a thread u wanted to post in? which one?

Heres my 0.03 cents.

Locking = less time spent reading useless bs = less spending time on the pc = more time to enjoy life or work on car.

This thread is obviously going to lead to more wasted time so I vote


Besides whats the big deal, you can still read the locked threads. YOu just can’t post your 2 cents.

this is a funny thread

I like how there is less BS on SON now, easy breezy

:lol: :lol:

this thread will get locked up soon too

There is no reason to lock this thread since it allows all members to express their point of view.

I understand where syd_mysta’s opinion is coming from however I would have to say that the locking has been good. There have been a few times when I’ve jumped into “Members Chat” and viewed 2 or 3 locked threads in the top 10 threads. I was a little dissapointed however I equated that to lack of quality content.

I’d like to know if there are any members that share the same opinion as syd_mysta.

i dont really care about locking threads… its fukin hilarious sometimes…

but maybe you should just delete the thread from view, so people dont know there was a locked post… possible solution?

S13s understeer and tend to be rusty as fuck. I still love them. Same with this place, the drama and locked threads are what make this place what it is, and is only a small downside that you can learn to deal with or do your best to fix (much like the understeer and rust :D)

OBVIOUSLY this thread is directed at me.

the only reason things get locked is because they contain bullshit…

i do not want to read 900000 times why an sr is better than a ka… or wtf someone wants to watch on tv…

CAR BOARD… not look at me i cant think of anything to do so im going to flood the board with useless shit board.

i have received many many many pms regarding the job i do on the board… thanking me… i also get lots cussing the hell out of me because im a BIG ASSHOLE ON A POWER TRIP>

its the damn internet… why on earth would i

  1. care what other people think about me
  2. allow bullshit onto a baord that doeffiantly dfoes not need it.
  3. i have no three but i wanted it there.

moral of the story. i lock teh shit that actually IS shit.


ooo as well… anyone who has met me in person knows that i am not a big jerk in person… however i do act similarily in taht if something is stupid and not worth talking about ill say its gay and walk away… id try and slap a pad lock on their head but… yea…


First of all I would like to thank Greg and the other mods for locking so
many of the crappy threads.

As is, I barely have time to get thru all the threads on here. The last thing
we need on a car club is more off-topic crap to read. Here in members
theres lots of off-topic crap, the only stuff here that gets locked are

We don’t need a bunch of junk on the forum, we’ve been trying to cut out
the fat and keep things under control. I think the forum has gone a long
way in the past year as far as cutting down on the BS is concerned.

Yes it might seem strict, but in the end its all for the better.

I love Greg as much as it’s possible for a man to love another man in a non-homosexual way :lol:
If you ever meet him in person you cannot get mad at him on the forums, he is like THE most easygoing person ever, I can’t imagine him getting pissed. If Greg is pissed at you, you must really really deserve it.


If I had a problem with a thread getting locked, I would have overruled
it by unlocking it myself, but 99% of the time I don’t because I agree with
whatever the decision was, and I’m sure other mods agree.



And don’t bite my style. :squintnono: