I need 5 guys/girls total including myself for...

a beer drinking bowling league, at broadway lanes. it starts in september. thursdays 6:30 to 9, and pints are 1 dollar!!!111111111111oneoneone
a friend of mine works up there, and will set it all up, so none of us will have to do a damn thing but show up, drink beer and throw the rock.

i suck, i plan to lose, but i will lose in style with a cool bowling shirt (this will be required)

how much is the league??


like 10 or 15 beans a week

thats not bad… I’d be down for that


that sounds mad fun actually…

i have gay night class or id be down to get drunk :frowning:

im in

call jnj
then you can be in

and wash my dishes, i mean head :slight_smile:
and i promise i will bring kitty litter

I’m in

you gonna roll with your native pineapple?

this is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass!!!

bahahahaha :rofl:

You freakin’ son of a bitch

He doesnt roll on shabas

i’m sweet at bowling, but not old enough to drink :frowning:

bump, let me know if your in or not buy posting
“im in” (that means you want to get drunk)
dont post at all. (that means your a faggor)

oh, and if you have a friend/s or whatever, invite them the more people we bring, the happier the owner is, the more free beer we drink.

i would so be down for this. :cry:

NICE, can’t roll on a fucking saturday.

Me and the girl will play, at least I can donate more than another sausage :lol:

I’m in… because I’m no faggor