The Official NYSpeed bowling team/s

starting sept (sometime after labor day)… thursdays 7-9ish
10-15 dollars to bowl, and dollar pints all night.

so far i have confirmed

1 me
2 X
3 a friend of mine
4 jdmr2
5 La Feng As (is that some asian thing or something?) :slight_smile:
6 turbotsi
7 don
8 dozer


1 chino
2 chinos lady friend

if everyone confirms, we should have no problem setting up 2 teams.

dude, i told you i was in for this in the last thread :tup:

yea, but you cant belive everything you read :slight_smile:

omg i wish i could do this.

how long does it go for?

until its done :slight_smile:

i will have to find out. i think its a few months.

i migh sub in a couple times :slight_smile:

I’m down…


still in

if anyone has friends outside of the board (yea right) they are also more than welcome to roll. just post it up here, so i can tell the guy how many people we will have.

this starts next week from what i am being told. i guess they had the team meetings when i was out of town

where is it at?

how much is it each week?

just got done in my league, longest 36 weeks EVER!!!1

Sweet, so 9/8/5 is the starting date?

One question I do have, is about when I can’t make it, you want me to get someone to fill in? I know I’ll be gone 9/15/05,other than that you can count on me being there!


I’ll play since i have no job now

I am in.

  1. yes 9/8/05
  2. either that, and we can have 5 subs on our roster
  3. time is 6:30 practice, 6:45 start
  4. cost is 14 per week (and some 1 time sanciton fee of like 15 you get a few weeks to pay that)
  5. and beer is cheap cheap cheap

so i told them we have at least 1 team. if we have enough for 2 that wouldnt suck either