I wonder how redline is doing .

Redline is around in fla , i know the zl1 they have is running pretty good .

i hope they do a good job down there.

The man behind the scenes is Paul , Howard took him from tourqe motorsports . He is a brain and gets shit done . Also has a huge cust following !!!

whos dennis king?

well thats good he has some big name , i think thats what they need, a big name tuner who is good and a new location . Hopefully their new place goes well for them . Do they still have the baldwin motion deal?

Not sure on Dennis king

haha… 2 different companies… Redline Motorsports is down in the Ft Lauderdale area

never noticed , thanks for paying attention. I feel bad for that redline sharing the name.

yeah the FAB part of the username through me for a loop. FAB doesnt = razorblade box open and install on car. So i was like LOL at the name choice.

But i guess detective Lance figured it out, and that makes sense now.