If you were to do it all over again...

If you were start your need for speed/drift/auto X all over again right now…what would you do different or are you content with what you did do?

I think I would of left NA a loooooong time ago if knew then what I know now. :tspry: I would of still bought a hatch but a 2000 bodystyle EK (love the front ends) Done just about everything the same interior and exterior.

The next car I would love to have would be a Supra. .:pimp:

I wouldn’t have gotten rid of my stang :frowning:

i spent about a year of my life trying to put together a turbo mr2 ( ex: beauty ) but there were so many hassles i just had to suck up my losses and move into something else ( althought if i was to try building an mr2 again, i definately would have skipped the jdm genIII idea and went straight to a built 2.2 stroker + tubro kit… 2 bar = win )

i always wanted a black or red R1 FD, and I could have bought one but went with an evo instead… which i’m more than satisfied with. however if i would have to rewind 3 or 4 years and if i started all over again, i dont know what i would have done :gotme:

i’ve only had my car for about two years or so, but i guess i would have to say that i am perfectly content with my decison so far…until my car breaks then my mind might change hahaha

i’m happy with where i’m at now, i woulda just skipped owning the 3000gt vr4 altogether tho, that was a year and alot of money wasted…

I would have looked into something smaller/more fun. Probably an integra, and definitely 5 speed.

I’m content with my car for now. It doesn’t give me much trouble. I’m looking 2-3 years down the road at a new civic. Possibly Si. :slight_smile:

if i could have never gotten into cars, i would choose that.

NOT bought my talon and either gotten an mcoupe/roadster or a soupra

i would put it in you if you had an mcoupe.

What’s your favorite color m coupeeee?

if i get black it will have black 19’s, red will have bronze 19’s, white will have bronze 19’s, the blue is aight, the only color i really dont like is silver

I’m content so far. I guess I would have never restored the Beetle. But I got my money back from it so…ehhhh…

The MR2 is fantastic. I love it. Sunk a lot of money into it but I really love it.

I loved my CRX but am glad I sold it for the MR2. They’re both great, but the MR2 is more fun, though less practical.

My Civic DX is possibly my best investment yet. Bought it cheap, never had a prob. comfortable ride, yada yada…could go on forever, such a great car.

Ahh, now I’m ready for an Esprit…

I would have not gotten a 99GSX, I would have opted for 92 AWD and a mid 90’s DD. Oh well, gonna ride out my bad decision and run an 11… :wink:

was the civic the best investment, or the chic magnet incar neons? :smash:

Sometimes I regret selling the STEALTTH because I loved it so much and it had been part of my life since i was 14 (when i started saving for one). It was unique, faster then the vette and had more room to go. However, i realize that i have a newer car which i can count on from day to day, its got a lot of potential, and its a new experience (RWD, V8, domestic). I dont want to limit my experiences with cars to any catagory though. Eventually I will have owned everything from a 4 cyl import to a 10 cyl domestic ( or whatever, just an example).

In short, the vette…although expensive, has been a blast and worth every penny.


the mustang for me was just a money pit

im content right now… wish i never sunk any money into my “first” car, it was ghey and slow. hopefully i will be content with my future plans also.

kingsario, you can do the 99-00 fr. end conversion, then you’ll be cool :-p

held out until i found exactly what i wanted instead of settling for “close”.

i got what i want…rolling chassis and a solid motor equals 12’s for under 6 grand :tup:

i knew what i wanted, searched for it, and stuck with it, sp no regrets other than the frickin pain in the ass side feed injectors

adams just jealous he pussed out on finishing his 2 :eek:

omg die, you pussed out on swapping your 2.5rs :spam:

although i definately believe in building a stroker than buyign a gen3 now, too bad hindsight is 20/20