Im too lazy

Who does swaps? I have all the parts and I am sick of waiting. I really want to get this done. I am going to school in Edmonton until November. If I can find a way to get it into the city is there someone that can help me out? Or should I just pay someone to do it? Any help would be great guys!! Thanks Tony

Swap what into what. Awsome details dude.

I need to swap my black top SR20 and a five speed into my 240sx convertible. I am use to talking to my friends about my swap and they know what I am talking about…

if you have a garage or even a paved area i would suggest tackling it yourself. best way to learn. but definatly make sure you have everything you need before you take apart your car. (if your engine is used, spend the money replacing your heagasket, and while your in there check your valve guides (they wear out on SR’s), timing chain, and all your seals. also take a look at your bottem end for scratches on the cylander walls and build up on your pistons)
Go with new bronze valve guides, a nissan rebuild kit, metal headgasket and ARP studs; these things will ensure your motor runs clean and properly
If you really want to pay someone to do it, DJ auto would im sure, they have a really good mechanic there by the name of Jeff last i checked.

Hey man, you still trying to find a place to do it? I have a double garage, a chain hoist, and a crap load of tools (nothing too specialized, though) so me and a buddy can help if you wanna do it up. Plus I don’t care if it takes a few days to keep it in there so no rush in getting it done in one day if something major comes up.

Thanks for all the offers guys looks like I sold my car and the parts for the swap!!