why do companies make it harder for themselves? if a company wants to attract knowledgable and dedicated employees they should offer attractive pay and benefits correct? instead because of my employers lack of initiative to offer even slightly higher than the areas standard pay rate for my field, im forced to work with ignorant lazy assholes that cant get a job anywhere else. and the only reason they get hired here is because my company cant bring in decent workers so we have to settle for the leftovers. which in turn makes me have to work twice as hard to make up for them. :smash2: i have a lengthy list of fellow employees that deserve that. anyone know a machinist looking for a job? :rant: ok im done

I know the feeling…

Not to be a dick, but it’s incompetence. :mamoru:

That said, why not leave? Or are your benefits that much better than the people you work with? There is nothing worse than working with lazy or stupid people. Be careful towing the slack though, while often times it is necessecary to get the job done, if you are always getting the job done, then those above you will never see the need to hire more workers or a more quality worker. It’s a tight line to walk.

yea i was close…the thing about leaving and finding another job is this is ERIE COUNTY! there is nothing here. for me to find a better opportunity i would have to relocate and im not ready to do that just yet. i was just at work and in a bad mood and i felt like ranting.