Inground Pool - Questions/Recommendations


Good to know, thanks. Like I said, I just wasn’t sure if inground pools ever warranted the need for a total overhaul. As with anything else, regular maintenance is going to be key. I’m really hoping we can find something with an inground pool that checks enough boxes off the rest of our “want” list.

Cool neighbors with a pool is probably a great thing, but nothing beats walking into your own backyard with one. But on that note, see below.

Love the lake, actually the Niagara river, but that’s where having a good friend with a boat becomes a huge plus!

When you bought your house, did you have to do anything extra in regards to the pool when you did the home inspection? I was not sure if that was a requirement or not as I do believe there are actual pool inspection services offered separately from your standard home inspection.


I just looked it over and rolled the dice.

There was clear water in it, the pump was working, and the spa was warm. All the things that broke on mine were because it was old and brittle and things broke off during the open/closing. I partially blame the pool guys when they opened/closed it, but either way it was time.