Inspection cost

I know it went up from $14, ad im too lazy to look elsewhere, anyone know offhand?

i think it was $21 when i went.

i got mine for $7, every once in a while the place on the corner of niagara falls blvd and maple across from the mall will have a sale on them. pretty cool guys there.

yea…it’s up to $21 now

$21 . i THINK the 2 most recent years are a little cheaper because they dont need emmisons testing, but i could be wrong

Awesome. Somejuan told me $40 and it got me all hot and bothered

$21…fuggin BS!! I don’t think they ticket unless you’re 3 months overdue, at least I hope…since I get inspections every 15 months

ummm no…they ticket as soon as its expired.

21 for 96-up unless ur car is less than 2 years old…10 for 95-older

actually, in theory, its 21 for ALL vehicles except 04, 05, and now 06 models


lol… NO

I need one, last month


i was pretty crazy enough to abandon my inspection sticker last time…it was due back in january, lol…i did it just a month ago…so that’s like 6 months late…lol :rofl:

i went to monroe BJ transit…i brought the coupon from phone book…i believe it was $16 in the end…

the didn’t give me any dick regarding my car though…so im really happy about that. i also took my friend’s accord…which was quite F-ed up…but the dude let it pass w/o any problem…