Inspection Question:

A friend of mine went to get his truck inspected and they said it failed for the following reasons:

Displaying an air conditioning code.
Bad ball joints.

The check engine light is not on. Is there even such a code? I don’t think I have ever heard of one. Also, he just replaced the wheel bearings and says the ball joints were ok. The thing that sucks is that the garage is owned by a relative of his. Do you think this stuff would fail him, or that he is getting ripped off. The truck is a 2002 Ram 1500.

Let me know what you think.

Its possible the code came up, then cleared…or the CEL light just isn’t designed to stay on for that code.

Ball Joints do not have a spec from the factory.

Ball joints are a safety issue FOR SURE.

If its a relative, maybe he was looking out for your friends safety? Oh… your friend says the BJs are good…?

Tell him to go somewhere else. Not like it’s a big deal…

Ball joints are something that can be failed for; they are a safety thing… having one fail at 55mph is NOT fun (ask me how I know???); the AC code is a non-emissions code which is not a reason for failure.

nope not gonna

Ball joints are not part of NYSI.

Someone sticky this shit

How does the obd2 test work?

Do they plug into the system, then the computer says if it passes or not?

It should say fail under the obd2 printout of the inspection if that was the case.

As for balljoints, if they are bad then replace them. Allowable wear to one person is different than another one.

My mechanic says that if the part is about to break, or is not doing its purpose in the suspension and it is going to cause a safety issue then it won’t pass.

But parts will wear, and not be like brand new and still pass.

Ball joints ARE part of NYSI, if they are EXCESSIVELY worn or disconnected or broken, they fail. they are allowed to have some play but if they’re loose enough that it visually affects your alignment, then they can fail. What sucks about NYSI is that it’s all play on words and is up to the inspector.

Do me a favor and please read my thread on NYS inspection.

LOL visually out of alignment= Broken and spindle laying on the ground.

You cant tell me that you can see a 1/4-1/2" of alignment out from standing in front of the car. If you can you should apply at hunter engineering to be a human alignment machine

I had a ball joint fail on my buick doing 5 miles an hour, NOT FUN

took out the CV shaft too.

The shop says that theres no way to tell when they will go, since with mine they cant be lubed.

The other one could last 30,000 more miles or 300, no way to tell, they just pop when they want to.

Better to be safe then sorry.

yes you can you can shake them for play

I think it’s funny when you guys post links to that forum. In case you haven’t noticed, not all of us have access to it.

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Place jack under lower control arm.

jack vehicle up using jack under lower control arm. (thus relieving tension on the steering components on that side)

Grab wheel

Tug vigorously back and forth and up and down.

Up and down movement = ball joint play

Left and right movement = tie rod play

excessive play = bad.

Lemme guess your the type of guy who runs out to pepboys and bends over every time something breaks on your car.

OR play can be the wheel bearing assembly…

You’re most likely going to hear a bearing making noise before it ever gets bad enough to get sloppy.

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