Inspection woes

so i had my turbo saturn inspected today for the 4th time and failed once again because of my o2 sensor. now b4 you say just replace the sensor im going to tell you its not that easy, they put in 3 brand new sensors and they died in a few minuets because my car is dumping fuel in apparently. everything on the car is perfect, MAP sensor, temp sensor, PCM all working correctly.

my friend suggested that maybe the car is seeing some boost causing it to dump in fuel like that and said to try putting my cheap adjustable BOV in and losen it so that some boost (if any) excapes maybe leaning it out some. but my concern about that is i dont want to blow the oil seals on the turbo.

any input about anything would be greatly appreciated so i can finally pass.

and btw my car is a 97 has the stock injectors in and running on the stock computer right now.

do u have a cat

s-afc and a tune?

You only have a few options:

1)Tune your car properly so it stops dumping fuel and killing your O2 sensors

  1. Find somebody to hook you up

  2. Take off all that stuff, turn it to stock, get it inspected, then install the stuff back on.

Everything can’t be working perfectly if you are dumping fuel. Find the cause and fix it.


pay $450 to have the car fixed and if still not resolved then NY will pass the car for the year.

My car has been overdue since July…that is all.

This guy knows what he is talking about :stuck_out_tongue:

make a restrictor plate for the exhaust and prop the wastegate open all the way

that or run one of those peices that go over the 02 sensor to make it sample less area. i forget what it is called. but it is used for these kinds of situations.

what would you use to keep it open that would not fall out?

aldo how do they do an insprction? do they drive it around to check everything or just let it sit and idle?

more info on that please i have never heard of this b4

if its an internal wastegate, just loop some mechanics wire around the actuator arm and tie it off to something

if its internal, maybe just take the spring out (as long as the diaphram has enough play in it)

the pieces FIP speaks of is the old trick with spark plug antifoulers, get 2 for every O2 sensor, drill one out all the way, leave the other one stock, then screw them together in this order:

o2 - big hole antifouler - unmodified antifouler - exhaust pipe

yes its externally gated and the spring is already out

where do you get these spark plug antifoulers any car store, is that what they are called?

for inspection, they usually just swing through the parking lot at the very most, otherwise it just sits and idles. its mostly just tested for equipment.

made by HELP brand / part number 42002

and depending on turbo size, a turbo can still spool a decent amount even with a massive leak, i had a 14b on a 2.4l with the internal wastegate wired open, and it still made a few psi, which is why i recommended making a restrictor for between the mani and turbo

but the next year u cant get another exempt. wouldnt a 02 simulator work for this?

the computer needs to read that sensor so i thought simulators were only good for the ones after a cat.

do you have a wideband ?

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yes i do but im goin to sleep now lol