Insurance Poll

I was having an argument with someone about this and I"d like to see some numbers…

It’s pretty simple…
Do you have full coverage / collision, or do you just have liability.

Full coverage

X2 :tup:

full with a 200 dedutable FTW

collision…glass…comprehensive u name it i got it…rental car too

Liability only. My car is worth nothing to the insurance companies.

Car Loan = Full Coverage


One with full, one with just liability



$104 a month can’t be wrong! :slight_smile:


That’s what I pay for 3 cars.

1 full, 2 liabilitytytytity


Sorta required with a lease.


2x full coverage, 1x classic car policy with agreed value.

My Fiero costs $100 a year to insure, full coverage, with agreed value. Gotta love classic car policies.


perhaps will be full when i’m 25+

full coverage.only because I have to


Just got classic car agreed value for the supra through rally, who do you use?