Car insurance

OK, is it just me or is this car insurance a rip off?

I have two rides, both old, a 1986 chevy truck 4x4, and a 2001 ford windstar. The windstar has full coverage. I’m currently with allstate, and paying about $1900.00 per year. After looking at some of the cheaper sites I find nothing cheaper, at least not cheap enough to make me change.

So my question is this who do you all have? And what are you paying for what?

I pay $90/month for my Cavalier, 04 full coverage. I’m also under my mom’s coverage since I live in the same house, so there is a multi-vehicle (my car and hers) and multi-policy (home, auto and life) savings on it.

I’d suggest going in to talk with your local insurance agent. A lot of that shit just doesn’t make sense to me so I just walked in and asked them to make my bill less, I have Allstate as well and my agent is Robert Dunn… Maybe you can adjust your deductible and coverages to get that price down a bit.

I don’t know how much money you have in the bank, but full coverage on an 01 minivan seems like overkill to me, depending on the mileage and shit…

Tried that, and got “thats the price, thats the best we can do.”

Agreed. And that will change come May, when the damn thing is paid off. But even at that, Allstate is telling me that it will only drop the price something like $187.00 on 6 months, or ~$30.00 a month. Almost doesn’t seem like it is worth dropping the full coverage.

Although I’m fully aware of the fact I’m the boo-hooing about paying too much. I guess every $30.00 a month adds up.

Holy cow, you are getting raped on insurance. I am with nationwide and I pay less than $100 a month for my wife and I and we have an 05 Honda Element and an 07 Mazda3. We have full coverage and a $500 deductible but I did not take the tort option and we don’t have accident forgiveness. Also, we both have no accidents and she has one ticket from like 4 or 5 years ago, I don’t have any that counted as points.

I thought so too. But I do have the full tort option, and it seems like that makes about a $200.00 difference on 6 months. Also after doing a quote with unitrin direct, I found out that they are counting me with 2 accidents, and 1 speeding ticket. Although the accidents one was a comp claim for a broken window, and the other was a not at fault accident 4 years ago.

I pay about $40/month for an 05 crown vic and an 07 Fusion, both with full coverage.

how the hell do you pull that off? Who are you with?

I have an 06 Impala with full coverage, a 95 Olds and 87 Suburban with just partial and I pay $106/month

i think you are really getting screwed i have full coverage with full tort on my 06 civic si and i dont even pay 900 for a year with erie isurance

I have State Farm with my 1998 Tiburon, 2000 Elantra, and 1996 Taurus and Renters Insurances and the woman and I pay 150/month.

I was paying 2004 a year for 92 pickup 4x4, 72 buick skylark, and 73 ford maverick…full tork through state farm(under 25, clean record)167 a month
just now swithed to hagerty with agreed value on the two old cars along with 125mile road side assistance…$379 a year(304 just for cars)! dont know what my truck is…might go progressive as you can pick what you want I ended up at 37.50 or w/e every month

SO my advice is hitup the free quote on progressive and have you( not the agent ) choose what coverage you need on youre vehicles, so you dont get shit you dont need and come out less
my state farm has a bunch of crap added on that i dont really need, towing assistance, body/dismemberment, funeral benefits…was tempted to x out the medical …well advance medical bills policy and loss wages thing…but i kept those for now…

ha im gettin raped from erie i pay 2500 a year, im under 25 and have a 02 gli full coverage limited tort 500 deductables

Do you have a clean driving record?

I pay approx $1500/yr for full coverage on 4 vehicles, through Erie. policy covers me and my wife.
2008 Wrangler
2008 smart
2007 caliber
2006 scion

I pay about 180/mo for the Impala SS, and the MDX with 2 accidnets.

I have full coverage on my 04 Civic Si, my 96 S-10, an 00 Kawi Ninja 250, and recently quoted adding on an 05 Kawi 636. I pay about $2,700 a year through Progressive. I have 2 speeding tickets still on my record. My origional quote was less than $1,000 a year and went up almost 3x because of the tickets!

Damn I hate insurance now that I think about it :frowning:

I pay $98/month. Full coverage on my 350z, liability on my Maxima. I am through James Kozniki with Erie.

$567 every 6 months with allstate. We just signed up for some platinum plan that includes 2 accident forgivenesses, cash back, full tort, for 2 cars 05 scion xa and 02 vw gti. Our premium will drop another 5% when my wife’s accident is 3 years old, basically when the policy renews. Also, the collision deductible will decrease by $100 every 6 months we are without a claim. Currently they are at 250/500 I think.

we are also switching our homeowners and the engagement/wedding band addendum to allstate which I think saves us the money on the cars. My wife researched this for a couple of days and it seems that switching all of this stuff from state farm to allstate will end up saving us $700/year.

both cars are paid off and we paid the premium in full.