all i want it cheap insurance? i’mm 18 with my full G but they still want 2500 a year for my 240 does anyone have a good company with cheap insurance? all i want is liability can anyone help i hate paying that much money to them…

the price is not bad… all depends on your experience and records… i got 2814 a year from bel air direct which works out to be 235 a month i only got my g2 and i am turning 22 so let me know what company your with cause your getting a better rate than i am! lol

that’s not a bad rate considering your age, you may have a hard time finding a better one.

i’m at bel air direct and i pay $212 a month, with full G. only started driving on april of this yr, and insurnance is under my name

you have to remember insurance is different for people with different color cars, if they have a coupe or a hatch, where they live, driving rechord and a few other variables.

if i were you i would jump all over that quote they gave you.

i doubt you will find cheaper.

most people your age in toronto with a good reckord are paying almost double in s13’s

Yea, that quote is the stuff dreams are made of, other companies will quote you like 4500+ easy.

thats dirt cheap.

suck it up and pay it


I pay $1900 for my sil-eighty (including the sr20det) from Eon economical. Got my full G and I’m 24 with no tickets

Search. We discuss this almost monthly.