Intense Motorsports: Products, Prices and Information

Intense Motorsports
577 Mapleview Dr.
Innisfil, Ont.
L9S 2Z5
(519) 431-6294

Intense Motorsports is an Ontario based performance shop located in Innisfil, just east of Barrie. We deal mainly with Nissan and Honda performance parts, engines, turbos, installs, etc etc. But are currently, and in the future hope to be, working on RB, 3S-GTE and 1J/2J swaps. We are equipped with a licensed mechanic, loads of experience and the ability to provide very competitive prices on everything from Engine Sets and Coilovers (currently working on a sponsorship deal with Ksport) to Big brake upgrades and turbo kits.

Just a taste of our extensive product list…

This has been a long time coming but here is a list of what we can do for you and your vehicle. Pricing is approximate for specifics please contact Justin or Shawn for a more accurate estimate. General shop rate is currently sitting at $60.00 per hour. Obviously there is more we can do so if you don’t see something listed such as wiring or turbo upgrades please give us a shout. Also if you are looking for that hard to find part or are tired of dealing with your usual part distributor we can get what you are looking for at a fraction of the cost normally.

Suspension Upgrades (+ Parts and Materials)

  • Lowering Springs $150+
  • Springs and Strut Upgrade $150+
  • Struts Only $150+
  • Coilovers (Sleeves) $175.00+
  • Coilovers (Sleeves and Struts) $175.00+
  • Full Coilovers $175.00+

Brake Upgrades Plus Parts and Materials

  • Rotors Re-Surfaced and Pads $60.00+
  • Rotors and Pads (New) $60.00+
  • Drums Re-Surfaced and Shoes $75.00+
  • Drums and Shoes (New) $75.00+
  • Front and Rear Brakes (New) $135.00+
  • Rear Wheel Cylinders $40.00+
  • Front Calliper Replacement Per Side $120.00+

Exhaust Plus Parts and Materials

  • Muffler Install (Weld On) $75.00+
  • Cat-Back Install (Bolt On) $120.00
  • Header Back Install $210+
  • High Flow Cat Install (Weld On) $80.00+
  • Header Install $100.00+
    (If It Needs Massaging Additional Labour Charges Will Be Incurred)

Clutch Installs Plus Parts and Materials
(Machine Of The Flywheel Is Mandatory With All Clutch Installs

  • 88-2000 Civic D & B Series $250.00+
  • Prelude and Accord $350+
  • Nissan 240 $250+

Motor Swaps Plus Parts and Materials

  • 88-91 B Series $600.00+
  • 92-95 B Series $600.00+
  • 96-00 B Series $600.00+
  • All D-Series $500.00+
  • Nissan SR S13 From Clip $1000.00+
  • Nissan SR S13 From Motor Set $1000.00+ (If Complete)
  • Nissan SR S13 Into S14 With Harness
    *Recommended with motor swaps is timing belt, water pump etc. Turbo installs require additional turbo parts such as charge piping and front mount intercooler.

S13 Swap Leaving The Shop

Old Motor

New Motor

CRX D Series to B Series

Old Motor

New Motor

ever think to look into a vq swap for the 240?

wow, that comment looks rude, ment to say “ever think about looking into”

^yup we have just have not had a customer with enough money to do it yet. We are willling to tackle any job.

you guys willing to do LS swaps?

im thinking ls2/t56 in an s13.

general idea on the price? would i have to source the engine and tranny myself?

i also read it was even easier to swap into an rx7 fc, which i also have…

that price of 1000 for the SR, what does that all include? just putting the engine in and wiring it up? im assumin git doesnt include the engine itself

^Ya this is a more up to date quote