Isn't this a car forum??

so here’s a car question. Say you were going to buy a winter daily driver… what would it be? I buy turbo cars and am thinking I’m going AWD. I don’t want an automatic, but will deal if need be. any ideas?


What’s your budget?

Subi 2.5 RS?

Audi A4 Quattro, but newer than mine - and has had the belt changed on time.

Mercury Topaz AWD

Depending on the price range these would be on my list.

Volvo s60-R
Saab 9-2x Aero
Saab TurboX
Audi A4 or TT
Mazdaspeed 6

Subaru. Any subaru. Seriously Sonny, who gives a shit if it’s 2 or 3 pedal, or if it’s a turbo or not? Let it sit and drive the 1 unless it’s shitty out, then jump in the AWD. You won’t be driving it all that much, and when you need to drive it, you will be happier with a slushbox since you will be driving 20 mph in stop and go behind the typical asshole Pittsburgh driver who freaks out if there are 3 snowflakes on the ground and slows down to 3.2 mph for every bend in the road. If you can find a decent deal on a turbo Subaru, then go for it, but they aren’t all that common.

VIP awd-- i like the new a5’s. worked on one today, felt and looked good. about tiem audi came up w/ a 2 door.

mega baller awd- 996 porsche turbo. they are very docile to drive on the street, even after upgrading them to 600 hp levels. When i get paid, i will own one. as they are seriously stupid easy to make fast, and are relatively cheap because everyone wants the 993 body.

practical awd- subaru 2.5 rs non turbo car. parts interchange w/ alot of other subarus, cars are peppy stock for n/a. and it can play double duty as a rally cross car come summer since it is your winter beater.

mazdaspeed 6

Legacy 2.5GT limited or 06 Saab 9-3 Aero is what im going to be looking for shortly

how much you looking to spend? suv or car?

good call. id probly want an older WRX. that be a sweet car to DD and go decent in winter.


any subaru x 3


my friend has an 01 Audi A4, pretty cheap, with a warranty on the new engine. Call me if you want it. It was his girlfriend’s car, so it’s 100% stock parts.

Thats like asking the question, what computer should I buy that has a monitor with it?..pretty general

I know a guy selling a suby 2.5 for cheap…good shape

probably not… a4’s are ehhh to me. otherwise i would already have one… manual? color exterior and interior? … anyway

price range 5k - 20k??? I don’t need something too new, i just bought a new car.

I care if it’s a turbo and manual! come on Dave i’m still young and stupid. i’ll deal with an auto if the car isn’t made in a manual… and i’ll deal with n/a if it’s baller… I’ll go suv if it can tow… but am not going to buy something awful (read: domestic) unless a good argument is made (doubt it). subarus are so so to me… never ever would i buy a 2.5rs or wrx (still too slow :kekegay: )

I think it’s obvious vwcabby knows me best… suggesting a porsche 996 turbo for a winter car :bigok: that’s exactly what i’m talkin about!!! just about 5-10k too much than i’d like to spend on something i’m going to beat around and park outside… ebay search has been saved!

good suggestions so far! Kolar… I always liked s60r’s… i dont know about volvos though.

2001 A4
silver exterior, black interior
new engine with warranty