It is really crappy out...

I was just in a 10 car pinball scene on maple…

it was funny as shit except for the fact that my good friend totalled his car, and I bashed my knees and dome piece pretty good despite my seatbelt. But nobody got hurt. It was funny, we called the cops, and it took them 20-30mins to show up, and in the interim about 6 more cars joined the pileup…

gotta be careful…

its fun on the side streets. but that sucks you were into a pileup. were you with duger?

oddly enough, no. I was with another accomplice…

It was just funny, as more cars joined the pileup, people just got out of their cars and stood there. One lady in a Land Rover was standing behind it, so I coralled her onto the sidewalk, and as soon as I did, another car slammed into the back of the land rover. She could have easily been killed…

nice…get pics?

Not yet, but I wish I had vids. One after another, cars joined the carnage…

sounds like an interesting scene…

i love it how people dont see cars kinda backed up on the road and dont know enough to change lanes or slow the fuck down. or know how to drive in the snow its freakin buffalo for gods sake they should be used to it.

well, to be fair, it was a sheet of ice. Literally. It would have been difficult to avoid…

i was coming from nt and i was seriously driving with my lights off so i could see.It was that bad.Drifto meet soon.I got some practice in tonight.

Shitty roads.


That is all I have to say about this thread.

i have a light dusting here in ruff buff

Hmmm… 8 inches at least here in West Falls.

My drove home from work passed thru the middle of where it’s been snowing the most. There is a fair amount down in Southern Erie. Out by Colden, Holland.

I’d say close to a foot and half, which is quite impressive given Monday morning there was still grass showing, and the ground was nowhere near frozen.

Still coming down at a good rate down there too.

YEE cold and starting to get thick hurr in the RoC, but im also getting lake effect

i got like 2 inches TOPS and the plows are out in greece lol.

theyve been waiting this long i dont blame them

wrd thats all i got too. maybe this weekend ill put my winter wheels on. ehhhhhh.

Wtf, I only got a dusting. Guess I’ll have to go out and hunt down some snow.

:needpic:…yea a light dusting in Cheek-toe-vegas…the roads were jsut wet

Light dusting on elmwood.

I remember a video way back of like a sheet of ice and a guy stood on the sidewalk videotaping everybody just slide into each other. Wish I could find it. Ah well

I had to drive (for work) down and back to Olean/Cuba they got hammered last night (if I would have know it was that bad I would have taken the evo not the GTI). I was lucky to do 20mph on the 219 down there.