Ithaca is a "Jungle"

Ithaca is a “different” type of place but it seems now the city is essentially sanctioning what for the past 30+ years has been known as “The Jungle”.
In that 30yrs, well of course comes expansion.
Of course being in Ithaca, you have your super crunchy lefties shouting " you must not have anything better to do than complain, it doesn’t affect you" well it does when crime spills out into the city and resources need to be used to literally put out fires at this place.

Where ever liberals congregate this nonsense is found.

I’m sure that’s not by coincidence…

Down here, it’s either shootings or machete attacks.
I think we have had at least 3 machete incidents within the past year.

Damn, they’re going to leave a perfectly good pasta maker to sit there and rot. :spaghetti:

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