JDM/Drifter/Rat Rod Style

This was posted on another forum I’m on. I really like the car… it’s different, haven’t really seen anything like it before… Opinions? I can see this getting a love it or absolutely hate it response.

If you have pictures of other cars that are along the same sort of style, post them up too.


have u see devins car it had a similar front,

the graff skull on the side is bad ass
really brings out the type of styling for the car

i LOVE that exhaust oh snapppp and rear wangan wing and overfender and and and…

but the flat grey paint i dun like… looks really cheap crappy drift car… drift cars can be beaten up like that and ziptied all over but not usually unpainted … -1 on showness lol

its cool but its like fake rat rod, rat roding is about using what u have to go fast… this is clearly a wanna be… like they took things you occasionally see and did them so it would look like this it doesn’t look like this because of use or making do with what u got…

I love it, but at the same time I agree with what Ted is saying, it seems too fake, with the various expensive bits added inbetween all the ghettoness.

That’s ugly as sin and this guy is definitely a poser. Season, please do NOT even mention “drift car”. Most drift cars are nice, it seems like people with shitty cars like to call their cars drift cars even though they don’t even drift it.

I think the only guys that really have beaten up cars that can be called “drift cars” are Jesse, Chris St John, Vlad, etc…

Most of the others are just posers with crappy s13s that can’t drift.

You’ll see what I’m talking about at Shannonville tomorrow. :smiley:

I love it. Just a bit overdone though.

bad ass. I love beaters, no need to worry will someone ding my doors, stone chips, who gives a fck etc…

will my bumper fall off? who knows…?

^dude, your ford probe is bad ass, preach on…

i like… that exhaust is fucked tho lol

i saw a green zenki few days ago that had a similar exhaust

haha that thing is hilarious, stacked widebodies is awesome.

On a side note, that car looked much better with a silvia front, and when it was 2 feet lower.

looks like something out of mad max

That thing in my opinion is a disgrace to all 240’s, fu*kin thing is BUST!

JUSTIN?!! u got the exhaust already?!!!

lol mark… true… i will see tomorow :slight_smile:

is this what Mad max’s 240 would look like?

Yeah its an interesting project. Definitely getting lots of debate around the net which is why they built it.

I think a few simple moves would have made it less contrived.

  • the exhaust, ya sure its Bosozuku etc but the rest of the car is lacking some JDMness, so it doesn’t work, go side exit or something.
  • The wheels are whack. If you went double over fenders you would be running some dirty 18x12-inch Work -15 offset that were all curbed and shit. Not some bullshit 16s with skinny 60-series tires…what year is it?!
  • The ride height is weak, obviously you would not see daylight if you were serious.

And where the fcuk is the front mount? Don’t tell me its NA.

its definately NA, the car is ghetto as fuck.


He prolly hucked the silvia front for the seat and wheel.

who cares about a front mount?

ive seen that look somewhere before

oh right, my anus

its alright tho, cept for the spaceship exhaust
and for gawd sakes, atleast clip the ends of the zipties

I like it, its got its own kind of style going. Only thing it needs is more lower, less wheel gap.