Job Opening - Help Desk Coordinator - McGuire Group

Since Howie has departed to NYC for a new job, we have a job opening at The McGuire Group. In a nutshell, it’s pretty much a help desk coordinator where you are responsible for troubleshooting PC problems, installing opertating systems and software as well as answering the phone. You will be dealing with neophyte (morons) on the phone who don’t know jack about a computer and are usually irked that thier’s is not working. You must be able to deal with thier attitude and be nice at the same time. Send resume’s to

Pay is experience dependent but somewhere along the lines of 27k for those with little or no job experience.

Don’t work here… MATT IS THE WORST

Nah, good work environment. Cool little benifits…

Matt smells funny tho.

do you want a computer forensic examiner?? what kind of money would i get?
id love to move back to buffalo.

Not quite the job we are looking for. I don’t think we could afford you anyway.

I only smell good, BTW…

Can I apply? CAN I? CAN I? CAN I? :smiley:

what type of skills or requirments are there? i can send a resume. what specifically are you looking for ?

sent resume :slight_smile:

If you know how to use a computer and troubleshoot pc issues, then we might be able to use you. If you have good personal skills and can deal with people (not necessarily like them) then we might be able to use you.

dude, whenever i get stuck at work i call skunk and he AlwAys figures it out. like the other day i had to prove when a fat 32 partition was formatted to an ntfs volume and then when that same partition was formatted back to a fat 12 partition. he figured it out down to the second it happened in each case. pure genius

id hire him :tup:


LOLOLOLOL…it’s cause i’m that damn good :rofl:

List the IRQs Skunk! :stuck_out_tongue:



What’s a battle?

He said, ahhh… “What’s that rattle?” I have a cold!

All seriousness though, I think Skunk could handle something like this. Hell, he does ISP support right now, and it doesn’t get much worse than that. :smash2:

^^^LOL…that is very true

^^ bah he hits the ignore button all day so he can dream of parts for his car


Sorry about this but anyone who sent an email to that address, please send again. I had a little issue with it but it’s all resolved now. Thanks!