Jr. Service Advisor


Hi guys,

I’m hiring for a full-time Jr. Service Advisor here at Engineered Automotive. Look us up on facebook and like us if you don’t already know of EA.

At Engineered, this is an entry-level position that has lots of room for advancement and more responsibilty should you do well. I have a complete job description that I can gladly send to any interested folks.

So, if you are a young-professional looking to get into the Auto industry, have great customer service skills, are organised, and well spoken and generally not a complete douche…I’d like to hear from you.


Please pass this note along to anyone you feel may be a good fit.


did you get any applicants from this?


I can’t believe it is so hard to find young, decent people for a job like this. Where was this job when I was just getting into cars???


I never got a reply back, lol


Dan, it’s frustrating to see so many young guys not sure what they want to do so they don’t get qualified to do anything. then they externalize the reasons why their life sucks… don’t externalize gents, it’s all your own fault.


damn kids being kids


Well said.


I wish it was close to me:(


Hey! I’m still relatively young and decent, and I love cars! If you ever change your mind feel free to hire me! That place was frigin awesome. I could have just looked through the cars in the showroom all day. Would have loved to see the Radical up close, but we didn’t get near it unfortunately.


I am assuming this is a mechanics job? What qualifications are needed?