JUICEDZ4 build thread


Just idiling, sorta. I took a quick vid (ok sound only) and put it on my site.
Hopefully Ill get back to it tomorrow, and maybee get it driving this week! Amazing what fixing like every fn prob under the sun can do.


The audio should autoplay.


Nice! I’ll bet you are very excited. Will you be driving this out on the streets at all or ar you sticking to the show car thing?


Ill def be driving it. I’m long done with sitting in a hot parking lot.



So glad you are at the point where most of the kinks are worked out, and now its finalizing things and tuning. You had so many little issues like leaks, faulty parts, etc… I was getting bummed for ya!


Thanks guys!

It literally fired up after like 2-3 sec of cranking. All that time trying to get it going and being frustrated over a bad injector.

Ah well. Def fee like Im over the hump now and should be moving forward finally.


burnouts installed yet ?

^ they have been installed, just not activated yet.

I JUST got out here to tinker some. House nonsense keeping me busy today.


Nice :tup:

Found this yesterday if interested. I know you got one but still…

^ Just saw your message. No thanks. Ill keep the momo :slight_smile:

Im trying not to collect any more GM parts. Im trying to get rid of them. haha


So Ive been working on the car a bit.

Sunday I decided to convert my MS2 to the extra code. Mainly b/c when I do the wife’s cabriolet project it will have to run it and the extra features for the cavy should be fun too (launch and flat shift control, boost control, etc) I made the hardware mods for it done sunday.

Monday I spent the better half of the am trying to download the code, it just wouldnt load from mylaptop. So I drove 30 min into work to use my lab desktop that has a serial port and it worked first try. I got home and it fired right up.

Tuesday I started going thru all the settings, and checking timing etc. For some reason I could just not get hte timing light to agree with MS. I tried almost everything, locking the output, putting the whole map to one value etc. The only thing that would keep it was if the bypass was enabled.

Wed nite, after a long day at the state fair, I discovered that I had the ignition output set wrong. I had it set to “inverted” and it should have been “normal”. Anyway, I changed that first thing this am, loaded in some tweaks to my maps, and manged to get it started again with the new code. I also worked out some offset issues between MS and the AEM WBO2 unit etc.

Currently the car will start up without any throttle input from most coolant temps. The timing holds great, and tracks MS perfect. I have the idle fairly stable, although perhaps a bit rich still. I took it up and down the driveway a couple times.

Tomorrow Im hoping to get it on the road and start doing some VE table tuning, at least in the n/a regions.

Maybee Ill get some pics of it outside for proof :stuck_out_tongue:



More of the same. More tinkering, no driving.

Anyway, pics of it outside from sat (not to bad for BB pics)

And yes I do need to lower it a bit. I took so much weight out since I designed the suspension I am out of downward travel in the rear. I need to order some shorter springs. The front I have about 2" I can come down, but Ill prob only lower it another 1/2" or so.

I took a half day this am, and got it towed over for an inspection and re registered. I am now completely road “legal”.

Let the tuning begin!!!

nice glad to see its finally out on the streets

I love J-Bodies.

Nice :tup:

your dog matches your car…

That’s what I was thinking.

Awesome car, glad you’re getting her done!!

progress is good… I’d lower it 1" at least.