Just some questions

I am considering getting a Silvia either a 91, 92 or 93. I know they are different platforms, but that’s about all I know about these cars. I’m new to Nissan’s, and I might be trading my car for one of these years of the Silvia. I was wondering what are some pro’s and con’s to these cars? Do they have a large aftermarket? I would probably be getting one in Montreal because I live in Quebec and therefore the safety would have already been done. I almost traded my car for a 92 Silvia a couple of weeks, but didn’t. The car was a RHD and everything was in Japanese (stereo, turbo timer) and I was looking at some fenders for it and it seems like finding authentic JDM parts for the car are not easy to come by? And expensive…is there any truth to this?
I know for Honda’s sourcing JDM parts are not too hard, but the parts are pricey, but if I was to get an import from Japan wouldn’t I have to get the OEM parts for it (brake pads, calipers) I guess pretty much everything, or are some parts interchangeable with other 240’s?
Sorry for all the questions, but I really do like these cars and would like to know a little more about them…thanks:R