KA24E Won't Hold Idle, No Power Under Load


My shitmobile is acting up again.

Started the car the other morning, ran for a bit, stalled. Started again, rand for a bit, stalled. Did this a couple times. Finally get it nursed into idling on its own. Chalked it up to being really cold outside and the car being old and crappy.

Started driving to work. Car bogged really badly and had barely enough power to get down the road. Drove back home and parked the car. Wasn’t backfiring or anything, just no power.

Started it this morning and it still wont idle for long before stalling.

I have yet to check the CPU for LED flashing codes. Anyone got any thoughts on where to start before I begin diagnosing?


Check your fuel pressure


had a problem with like this before…are your ground all good?


I don’t have a gauge to check pressure.

Grounds are garbage. Battery negative cable just goes to the block. Provides a crap ground for chassis components but should be, and was, fine for engine referenced sensors.


well…disconnect your fuel line after filter and see how far it shoots when somebody clicks it over to prime…it should shoot pretty good…lol

and fix your grounds its an easy thing to do…there should be one from the battery tray to somewhere around your throttlebody just sand them and fix then up and u can grab more randome sized ones from crappy for nothign


Started the car today. Had trouble idling at first but once I got it going and it ran great. Thinking my problems might be temperature related.

Is there a ground connection to the throttle body from factory? The ground cable on this car was originally bolted to the intake manifold but the gasket caused a good deal of insulation and the starter wasn’t able to draw enough current to crank the engine. I cant picture any sensors or anything being referenced to the intake/throttle body as, assuming there is no ground strap from intake to block, it would be isolated from the block from factory.

Still, I should fix the grounds at some point though. Short block, chassis, intake, etc together.


it might be the front of the intake i was thinking of not throttle body…but with my car it was a complete bitch to start but once it got going it would chug a bit until it heated up…its ten minutes worth of work to know thats not the issue


Ground wont cause that Wolfe might be sticky IAC Valve or no iat sensor like yours.


wow terry…please shoot meet down two years later