How exactly does that work, and does it really matter at all since it doesn’t seem like I can see what others’ are at.

Is it just a random feature you admins put in just becuase you could? haha

I just noticed that too.

yes, i would also like a karma tutorial

and shut up skrappar, did mr2 say you could talk???

i guess its just to grow the e-penis or e-boobs of someone… just like the post counts.

Word? Then I guess Tevenor’s e-boobies just grew a cup size. :slight_smile:

bumpy bump bump… still curious

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i think that lil green thing is what the karma option effects … if you hover your cursor over it it will say “skrapper is on a distinguished road” or something to that effect

Karma allows you to rate a user’s posts…

so lets say for instance, you post some stupid crap about “look at this tub girl pic!! lololol!!! It’s so awesome!!!” in Gen Auto, your peers can rate you. Give you a good or bad rating on your post. Lots of good ratings = better karma. Noobs who don’t really know people can then tell who is a jackass poster, and who isn’t.

Lots of bad ratings = I’ll probably ignore that post.

Everything is confidential…

I think how it works is - for every couple of good reputation points you get, you can hand out one reputation point… or something like that. I need to find a post on exactly how the system works… but that’s the general idea.

:rant: :rant: :rant:

ahhh i see

Bye Bye Karma points Sam. lolololol

maybe diminish the amount of “:word:'s”

well you don’t need rep points to be able to give rep points, cuz i don’t think any of us have said rep points since most of us are new.

for example, i gave zwarbyt good karma for that google earth post… i figure since it’s here, we might as well use it. and a post whore with good karma is a happy post whore :slight_smile:


interesting… i’ll have to start using it.

yea…another site i’m on uses rep points…thought it was kinda cool


back from the dead but, im in!

So let me get this straight…

Lmao, a site of ignorant leghumping asswholes judging the integrity of posts of other members… sounds like the biggest e-popularity flunk since myspace.:ham:

Edit: for this I will start off at the bottom of the scale

were you not here for the first time Karma was around? :lol: