Kia and Hyundai theft lawsuit

How is this even reasonable?
I realize that the Korean auto manufacturers cars are like the Harbor Freight of the industry, but holding them accountable for auto theft?
This is a bit ridiculous.

maybe it’s better to have Kia/Hyundai either win and set precedent or compell them and others to do more than they are to prevent auto theft.

as it is i thikn the auto makers benefit from theft because it sells more cars and parts

Well, to save a few bucks they dropped a security feature that has been standard in almost every car for decades… the immobilizer. When was the last time you owned a car that didn’t have chip key? It’s totally unacceptable that Kia/Hyundai cut corners like this and left these vehicles so vulnerable to such a low skill theft. Some insurance companies are even refusing to insure them.

IMO Kia/Hyundai should either be forced to buy back the vehicles or offer an ignition retrofit that puts a proper chipped key immobilizer in them. It’s become a public safety issue at this point and the company clearly isn’t going to step up and do the right thing without a lawsuit/government intervention.

Are saying that becasue a manufacurer could spend the money to install something on a commercial product to reduce the danger to society and they don’t, they should be criminally liable?

What have you done with Jay?
Plenty of cars dont have fancy keys and they are not out there crashing themselves.

It’s not a “fancy key”. It’s a chip key. My 1986 Fiero had one. It’s ridiculous Kia dropped such a basic anti-theft feature to save a few bucks per car.

I also believe keyless entry vehicles should come with Faraday containers to put your keys in so people can’t amplify the signals easily.

My 1st car to have a transpoder key is a 2011 MB so im old.

I really can see why society and inaurance companies should demand anti-theft.

I just dont think that the legal system is the solution. Once there is a precident, the flood gates will open.

As for signal boosters.
I think all new cars should have a removable sim card.

I wonder if there is a reciever/transmitter combo with a cell modem that would let you leave a burner phone on a porch and just drive off.

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Why? There’s no need. More and more of the keyless fobs are coming with motion detection now. After a few minutes of sitting stationary they stop transmitting the signal entirely. That tech should be standard and be made a DOT requirement if you’re going to offer keyless push start in the US. DOT already regulates everything from seatbelts to headlights so why not make sure the cars have basic security as well?

Tell that to dodge and all of their cars that are getting stolen. Plus not all of us have the newest vehicles with that technology you’re mentioning. Pretty sure my Z06 and my Harley don’t stop transmitting.

But yes, I agree what you’re saying should be standard.

or maybe fix the economy and prosecute crimes so people dont need to steal and dont want to steal.


no one elese here used to take grand prixs and luminas for joy rides using nothing but a screwdriver???


it’s almost as if it is coordinated.

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Fix the economy, prosecute people committing crimes.

I don’t feel the legal system or the government should be involved in this, that’s all.
Once the Genie is out of the bottle, you can’t put it back.

You guys do realize cars were still getting stolen under Trump right? No matter how good the economy and how tough the police if you make a car ridiculously easy to steal people are going to steal it. The DOT regulates 1000’s of things on vehicles to make them safe so it’s hardly government overreach to mandate something as cheap and effective as a basic chip key. “Kia Boyz” wouldn’t be a thing if part of getting your US DOT sticker was “basic chip keys required, so you can’t just force the ignition to turn and start the car”. And yes, this does fall under safety because look at how many crashes and injuries have occured with these stolen cars.

I do agree that it seems like an inexpensive fix to mandate compliance.
My wife’s friend has a Kia minivan. Just got it back from the dealer in less steal-able form and 90% of the time it starts every time now.

If a manufacturer cheaps out, perhaps we can get NYS to weigh in.
No theft deterrent, no inspection or renewing registrations.
It’s what’s best for the children, elderly, city dwellers and insurance companies.
Definitely a states rights issue.

Maybe, we could go another direction.
Treat criminals as criminals.

Cattle rustlers used to be hanged so that could be for repeat offenders and people that post crimes on social media.